Gionee just unveiled the A1 and A1 Plus handsets

27 February 2017
Both phones feature big batteries, Waves MaxxAudio enhancement and a focus on a good selfie experience.

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  • Gangadhar


  • AnonD-632062

They placed the IR blaster next to the flash?! I don't think I've seen any other company do that.......

  • Anonymous

I hope BLU rebrands these 2 for the US. Seems like a decent alternative.

Hello? Helio at 350€? Geez, Gionee. You are thinking you are Samsung or what? If you tell you have a Gionee, people will say ok good for you. They won't know what in the world you are talking about.

  • Anonymous
this one's still better

  • Hor'he

O come on men... midrange specs with a premium brand price. Your not kidding right? All we know china brand phones are less pricy in global market.i hope you change your marketing strategy..please make your phone little cheaper.

  • Anonymous

Oh, come on...asking 350€+ for a Mediatek device is beyond ridiculous.

  • AnonD-131667

tbh i just bought the OnePlus 3T and it still seems I am not regretting it at all XD
Seems like many phones really are trying to get in to the midrange price with high end phones but just, JUST missing the mark

  • AnonD-625924

Nice phones, but the weight?

  • Zero

Ok... P10 one is a total ripoff. The A1 Plus is decent tough..

  • AnonD-634681

are they really insane prices though? But finally a company that actually makes their plus model better & not just a bigger screen with minor improvements, IR is pretty damn rare too so they're definitely trying to win the 2017 market over.

  • AnonD-625786

The devices are quite nice, but not for that price. Try harder, Gionee.

  • Anonymous

P10 at 349 euro really guys. Move along nothing to see here