New Samsung Galaxy S8 live images leak

02 March 2017
The leak shows the regular Galaxy S8 which sports a 5.8-inch screen.

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1: no point in having a 5.8" display with 19:9 ratio ,where i can see usual 16:9 videos in just a 5.5" or even less screen size, cuz the rest of the screen is gonna be blacked out.
2: ergonomically speaking, to keep the ratio to 16:9 or at least 17:9 like mi mix, u have to make the phone wider, which will make it larger in hand.
3: so we have reached maximum screen size u can ergonomically put in your hands. for a 16:9 ratio screen the max is 5.7" like the note 7.. cant go beyond that.
4: so we'd rather have some top and bottom bezel with the finger print in front and mayy be some front facing speakers.

  • Anonymous

that phone will break in a while, i like samsung performance, but i rather prefer asus desigsn on phone!1

  • AnonD-647900

AnonD-90109, 02 Mar 2017They need to stop making these fragile phones, what's the p... moreLess bezels means more screen real estate, glass and metal are preferred because they just look better and do a good enough job in protecting the phone, in the S8's case it's using Gorilla Glass 5 all around which is no slouch. I honestly don't care and would much rather have a phone made out of other sturdier materials even if they're not eye pleasers.

  • AnonD-647900

Jim, 02 Mar 2017Well samsung !!! Make these shit edge screens and never mak... moreLike it or not dual edge screens is now Samsung's signature look, they started the standard and now other companies are following suit and copying it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Mar 2017I never thought I would say this about a Samsung phone but ... moreWhere were you before 2015

  • Anonymous

Arian Adler, 02 Mar 2017Not...! G6: 148.9 x 71.9 x 7.9 mm looks good (fit in) ... moreYou can't fit a 2:1 display in a 140:72 body. Not in that design.

  • Simon

wait, the screen doesnt look curved much, which is good. Im not liking the black frame and speaker grill redesign.

  • AnonD-383760

Looks lovely, roll on the bigger S8+ although not too impressed with the low capacity stated battery

Sri, 03 Mar 2017That physical button is for Bixby...Samsung's own assistantBixby is digital assistant aka AI. Some rumor claim the button can be use for other purposes too.

  • Sri

Julliard, 03 Mar 2017There is an extra physical button on the left side. Suppose... moreThat physical button is for Bixby...Samsung's own assistant

  • Amazed

That guy nailed it!

G6 is better looking imo

Anonymous, 02 Mar 2017Maybe it's just a prototype. But how will one launch the ca... moreThere is an extra physical button on the left side. Supposedly to summon digital assistant but can also be use to open camera instantly.

  • Anonymous

those nails are from a working man... he probably uses it for prying cases off of things. respect

  • Anonymous

Hahaha, 03 Mar 2017Ur people looking his nail instead the phoneWhat phone?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Mar 2017daaaaaaaaamn son!!!! uglyass fingernailsdat pinky nail

  • Anonymous

Shamsung should fire their designer with that ugly look... Yuuuckk!!!

  • Hahaha

Ur people looking his nail instead the phone

  • AnonD-38034

The first pic, his little finger nail, damn son, in what part of Redneckia does he use it and for what? Drilling into salt?

  • Arian Adler

Anonymous, 02 Mar 2017Both have mid range ram and will lose to true high enders. ... moreYou're right....!