Weekly poll: vote for the best phones of the MWC 2017

05 March 2017
Cast your vote in three categories ranging from show-stealing flagships to bang-for-the-buck kings.

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  • E One

Sony Xperia XZ Premium Nokia 6 and Nokia 5 are the Best one

  • Nick

G6 for sure - no-brainer

  • AnonD-92238

Genza, 05 Mar 2017For flagship Xperia XZ Premium is the best for me because i... moreHelio p20 is powerful?!

Now I've seen ‚Äčeverything!

  • AnonD-92238

Anonymous, 05 Mar 2017I love these bezzels. That's what makes sony device a sony ... moreThose bezel seems a premium feature to you? No, I'm not saying being vegan a bad thing, but it's weird for sure.

  • AnonD-92238

I voted for p10 plus. 2017 grade processor (sd835 too is, but Xperia will not be available in near future, and G6 has 821), good looking, good battery capacity, will definitely be cheaper than G6 or the Xperia, though camera isn't better than the Xperia one.

  • Anonymous

techlover1, 05 Mar 2017Ironically the G6 & XZ Premium are the opposite of each... moreI love these bezzels. That's what makes sony device a sony device. These bezzels in my opinion make the device look serious, premium. On the other hand G6 looks awkward to me. That's my opinion and there's your opinion. We all have different opinions. Please don't force your opinion on others.

Also, why the f is huawei p10 listed as a midranger?

Ironically the G6 & XZ Premium are the opposite of each other, the G6 has a 2017 beautiful body but 2016 specs, on the other hand, the XZ Premium has a horrible horrible bezels, but 2017 excellent specs, so it is not so easy to vote overall. But finally, okay as aesthetics the G6 is the most beautiful, but the best is the XZ premium, so I voted for the Sony XZ premium as the best one. (but hopefully Sony will start working hard & as soon as possible on those horrible bezels)

  • AnonD-635604

The Xperia XZ Premium is the best Flagship(This phone offers many new technology)
For Premium Mid-Ranger is Huawei P10(I like it tho even I hate Chinese Smartphone Manufacturer)
For Mid-Ranger (Not because I love Sony but I love the camera and the design,Sony should put the fingerprint scanner on the rear to keep the edge to edge design)

  • Anonymous

Where is Nokia 3310 (2017)?

  • Anonymous

the best phone of the whole wmc event NOKIA 3310 (2017)

  • Arian Adler

XZp and his sd835

For flagship Xperia XZ Premium is the best for me because it has the most cutting edge technology insidea smartphone.

The premium mid-range phone is Huawei P10.

And Xperia XA1 for the best mid-phone i don't get finger print sensor but in return i will get powerfull chipset, ample amount of RAM and flagship grade camera.

  • Vengxi

How does this poll work? This post is only about 15 minutes ago, but the poll already active for 3 days. Who are the voters actually? Only The gsmarena.com viewers, or others?

  • Anonymous

Why is 3310 not in the list