Major Canadian carriers confirm they'll be carrying BlackBerry KEYone

04 March 2017
Rogers, Bell, and Telus have all confirmed that they'll be offering the phone.

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  • 08 Mar 2017

BB you still have some loyal fans out there...

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    • AnonD-248589
    • Ibx
    • 06 Mar 2017

    AnonD-558092, 04 Mar 2017If it's priced 600$ CAD, then it's going to sell well. Beyo... moreMaybe if it was $300 CAD.

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      • Olalekan
      • Nu7
      • 05 Mar 2017

      I've always loved Blackberry and I'm glad they are now powered by Android. I'd like Blackberry to know that there are still loyal customers out there as I'm a big fan. One thing I still respect about you guys is your "qwerty keyboard" trademark; stick to it because it's the most important reason I'm still a BB fan. I can't wait for #BBMercury, would like to get it by August in Nigeria.

        This is an amazing phone, I don't know why people don't trust in BB?

          Dear Indian carriers,
          You see this? Blackberry has not been good enough in the market, and well, arguably not good enough with their phones too. But still, all Canadian carriers are propelling themselves to support it.

          Now you might argue Indian manufactured phones suck big time. But unless it doesn't get the love and support, it won't get the chance to better itself.

          Don't wanna use names, but there have been really good smartphones (and I mean, both hardware and software wise) and the lack of public support has really pushed them down.

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            • Royan
            • vgM
            • 04 Mar 2017

            People don't have idea, BB is premium brand, remember that old BB phone, have it price cheap? Premium Brand will charge people premium for their phone. Question the price means you are short of money lol

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              • 04 Mar 2017

              If it's priced 600$ CAD, then it's going to sell well. Beyond that, the KEYone is going to be a failure.

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                • u}s
                • 04 Mar 2017

                Midrange specs for flagship price, BlackBerry KEYone only diehard funs will pay for it.

                  If expected tag is $599, then surely it's going to be tough for Blackberry.

                  Priv experience is not too old to learn from.