The stylish Sony Ericsson Z310

05 Dec, 2006
Sony Ericsson announced a budget alternative of their fashion clamshell Z610. The new Sony Ericsson Z310 features a similar external display under shiny surface plus a row of system icons...

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  • mikel

it look wonderful expesially for girls.If i buy this phone for my girlfriend she will love me more than before.

  • akm123

nice looking budget phone! looks like a z610 + z710

this strategy by SE reminds me of motorola..they make a nice looking phone that looks like high-end for low price. good for people who just need a phone.

hope to see more nice looking phones by SE..

  • marcia

this phone is very bealtful, it my dream the consumer

  • Satya


  • masacre327

SE makes great phones for young people. nokia is for older people. i tink tis phone is good, bt if e would of had fm radio it would of been better.go sony-ericson

  • Anonymous

Wooohoooo, SE have done it again, great looking phone for a good price, only down point, no expandable memory, other than that great budget phone!!!

  • Farook

The phone looks really coooool. IF SE would have added FM Radio in it then it would have been a outstanding off all other phones in this category.

  • Junior in Jamaica

Really nice entry level phone. SE, this is a step in the RIGHT DIRECTION!

  • Anonymous

damn nice leh

  • la

too bad its short of expandable memory if not it will be the phone i'll be getting!

  • Zach

Nice but not nice. Sony Ericsson had proven their skills in producing low budget mobile phones such as Z550i or K320i with nice display, media player and bluetooth. But this???? STN display????? It will definitely hurting my eyes!!!!!

  • Syaoran

Nice! I love black ones. I wonder how much it will cost? & when it will hit the market?

  • dibbz

Just from the looks SE seems to going in the right direction for budget phones. Personally I really like the way the Z310 and Z610 looks. Pair this with a low price point and I can see this phone flying off the shelves. Too bad SE will release it next year. If they got it released before Christmas with a good price I think it would have been a hit.

  • Anonymous

This is one slick device

  • AGC

I'm the first!! Also, not that I would ever buy this phone (for lack of features), but it is very nice looking and as a SE, I'm sure its also very VERY well built. This should be a great mobile for those who want something simple, that looks great, and is not too expensive. Very good SE.