Nokia flagship with Snapdragon 835 lands in June in two sizes, rumor says

07 March 2017
Don't expect any PureView or Carl Zeiss branding though.

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AnonD-628531, 11 Mar 2017Well if you watch some hands-on reviews / first thoughts th... moreDoes it have hangouts? WhatsApp? If so, it has bloatware.

  • shabaz

Finally king 👑 is back pure android no comparison to other brand name is enough Nokia .

  • AnonD-628531

Zenodroid, 08 Mar 2017Sony has too much bloatware. But i admit the compact seems ... moreWell if you watch some hands-on reviews / first thoughts they almost ALWAYS say how Sony have significantly cut down on their bloatware in their newest devices, and how it's close to stock now.

Stop talking about old phones :)

  • AnonD-628531

Anonymous, 08 Mar 2017*cough* atleast 850 * cough850 what? US Dollars? Pounds? AU Dollars?
If you meant US Dollars, you got this information from...?

Well sorry to DISAPPOINT you but the XZ Premium is currently listed on Amazon UK and Clove for only £649 (approx. $790 US)...

Nice try tho :P

Anonymous, 08 Mar 2017you reading dude? old camera specs cannot be used because ... moreThey can't use the name brands, but doesnt mean they can't release a 41 mpx camera and combine pixels to create bigger pixels. Sony and others have been copying the original nokias' pureview technology shortly after the 808 released.

Zenodroid, 09 Mar 2017It was produced in Vietnam, but with components made in Tha... moreRace has nothing to do with this. And I am an African-American, by the way. I call out racism when it needs to be called out.

mjb2002, 09 Mar 2017The Lumia was made in Vietnam. Last I checked, that was an ... moreIt was produced in Vietnam, but with components made in Thailand, Taiwan, China and so on. So stop being racist on Asian countries, bc we wouldn't have any phones without them. Even China has a big influence on the technology.

Zenodroid, 08 Mar 2017Please do tell us what phone isn't made by something from C... moreThe Lumia was made in Vietnam. Last I checked, that was an independent nation, not one in Chinese territory.

AnonD-547142, 08 Mar 2017No you're wrong..Buddy.. you dont know what is business. ... moreOnly in your world of alternative facts would you believe that Nokia could have made it to 2017 without Microsoft.

Bailey, 08 Mar 2017You must be the only person that thinks Microsoft saved Nok... moreNo. Plenty of others in the West know that Microsoft saved Nokia.

  • AnonD-398950

In general I think its a good Idea to show phones at events only if they will be on sale shortly. So I guess this was the reason HMD Global only showed the low end devices that will be out in Q2. No point to be like Sony and show a flagship that will be sold around 4 months later in stores.

I dont know how big this "new" Nokia will be. But I think it will have big potential. The sale of Nokia 6 seems to be a huge succes in China. Soon they enter the Indian and european market to. I am not sure if they will try the US market, thats a hard nut to crack. A rigid market hard controlled by the network operators.

  • Anonymous

Mkdc, 07 Mar 2017Bad for nokia if they can't release their signature smartph... moreyou reading dude?
old camera specs cannot be used because of Microsoft.

  • speedy

Anonymous, 08 Mar 2017If you don't understand it, then don't comment.If you dont like nokia go to or iphone and leave people that love and want a nokia to decide for them self
We dont need your bad opinions abaut nokia

That the damn news I needed to hear at MWC! Why the hell do they have to guard flagship development that much? A bit of hype building won't hurt at all! ClearBlack-alike filter giving even ordinary IPS LCD screen good contrast is still here so a camera with PureView-alike tech like Lumia 930 will be a great one.

  • Anonymous

speedy, 08 Mar 2017What you say is not true because Microsoft paid 5.7 miljard... moreIf you don't understand it, then don't comment.

  • AnonD-643350

Nokia(HMD) must learn from it's other Chinese friends

  • AnonD-632062

So far Nokia (HMD) has taken all the right steps, the best being the Pixel-like pure Android experience. Can't wait to see their flagship offering!

  • speedy

mjb2002, 08 Mar 2017Nokia only exists today because Microsoft saved them in 201... moreWhat you say is not true because Microsoft paid 5.7 miljard for Nokia and Nokia took over Alcatel for 16 miljard, so where is al that money come from if Microsoft saved Nokia, is a big diference 16-5.7= Nokia had already 10.3 miljard

I wish you compare last nokia flagship to this one, will be interesting to watch/read.

  • Qwerty2017

Anonymous, 08 Mar 2017ahh, excuse me "KID", the reason why Nokia worked with Micr... moreUmm, I'm sorry for butting in ur lil' conversation, but I want to clarify several things...

First, Symbian OS was never meant to be used for full touch screen smartphone, that's why people find Symbian Anna & Bell lackluster compared to matured Android, one of the reason of the downfall of Symbian...

Next, Nokia did the most FOOLISH thing ever done in mobile phone industry in 2009/2010, that is "Bad-mouthing" newborn OS, which is Android, belittling it by saying Android OS will never "grow" or catched up to Symbian & eventually dead like Palm OS. Microsoft also saying the similar thing albeit its OS is not that great, added with many bugs & very little apps available. This is becomes one of the MAIN reason why NOKIA refused to use Android OS, instead they made full touchscreen Symbian OS in a "capped" hardware & RAM, as well as outdated resistive LCD screen to compete with Android which is no match.

When they are in the brink of bankruptcy, as their Symbian OS smartphone sales plummet drastically, Microsoft offer a "deal" to make an "exclusive" Windows phone, like Apple did with iphone", which is actually made them go RED even further, as "earlier" WP OS is shitty & very restrictive towards end-user & app devs, which made Nokia forced to SOLD their mobile phone business to MS.

So, from this story, we can safely concluded that "Nokia is the second coming of TITANIC", they became HUGE and got conceited of their "short success story" which is PATHETIC, as there is an old saying "nothing last forever"...

p.s. I'm aware that Nokia ONCE released Android-powered smartphone, Nokia X & X2, BUT those two are SICK JOKES devices made by Nokia to show how SUPERIOR Lumia phones are, as they use EVERY BIT OF DIRT CHEAP COMPONENTS AVAILABLE just to show that "Android phones is TRASH, LAGGING, BAD QUALITY compared to PREMIUM Lumia phones which is made from EVERY BIT OF PREMIUM COMPONENTS & TECH AVAILABLE (pureview, clearblack, Carl Zeiss, etc)"

Don't believed in my word? Check for urself specs of Nokia X & X2, compare them with similar pricing Lumia phones (600 series), see PEOPLE's review of NOKIA X & X2 which is mostly about "TRASH, LAGGING, BAD QUALITY" device made by a WELL-KNOWN brand such as NOkia