Nokia flagship with Snapdragon 835 lands in June in two sizes, rumor says

07 March 2017
Don't expect any PureView or Carl Zeiss branding though.

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This should be an interesting phone, hope it does well. And a mobile carrier here in the states might pick it up.

  • Dovice

Nokia need to do what made them famous in the past, beyond build quality. Create something like the N95, best mobile phone ever made. Did lots well.

Here is what the people want, and think similar to the new Blackberry:

1. Tactile slide out QWERTY keyboard
2. USB-C
3. Wireless charging
4. High end specs
5. Water proof
6. Optical zoom camera, with wide angle lens and high power flash
7. Stereo speakers
8. Stylus. Think back to the awesome Symbian phones from Motorola and Sony Ericsson with styluses. They were precursors to the Galaxy Notes, very versatile, just had a clunky UX and rubbish camera, but that was 10 years ago.
9. Android of course.
10. Model number: N2095 ? :)

  • AnonD-39937

Nokia is back, baby!

I hope it will be ip68 water-resistant, have stereo speakers and be good as the rumors.

I want xenon flash!

  • AnonD-82281

AnonD-126264, 07 Mar 2017Microsoft, because of elop has quite literally handicapped ... moreExactly. Years and years of cutting edge research and development only to end up floundering at Microsoft, who seem to prefer to just sit back and collect patent royalty cheques rather than properly implement the technology they own.

  • B for Bed Laffin

Been waiting for this news in a long time!

Sammy and Apple can dig their graves now

  • Anonymous

AnonD-196068, 07 Mar 2017If true, it's about time. Won't succeed with those prices
They are not Samsung

They should at least try it the huawei way or even xaoimi they are no longer top brand

  • Anonymous

They should at least start with pricing their devices even if flagships a lot lower than the others. Look at blackberry, htc and sony
They are losing instead of gaining
Nokia is no longer a top brand regardless of what their fans mumble about in the comments

  • Arian Adler

Best rumor says until now!

  • AnonD-126264

Microsoft, because of elop has quite literally handicapped Nokia. The greatest thing about Nokia was it's ability to create a fantastic camera. I was always willing to buy an android powered Nokia with a great camera... Sadly it's never going to happen thanks to Microsoft.

  • Surficial

Sounds like it'll use sonys 23mp camera now that they've upgraded their flagships lens.

  • AnonD-196068

If true, it's about time.

  • nokia forever

King is back with its crown...