New Android Wear smartwatches coming this fall from Movado, Tommy Hilfiger, and Hugo Boss

08 March 2017
The Movado group (which owns all those brands) has just announced a partnership with Google on the new collection.

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  • Violet

Please let me know when its here.I want more than ten.I hope I will be the first.I like it,I like it,I like it.

  • Anonymous

Bomj, 08 Mar 2017It's becoming "sunglasses" rubber stamp. Every name an nona... moreThat's the way technology moves, pioneers will push a new tech, big names will introduce or adopt, making it popular, and it eventually trickles down and becomes common place. I mean, do you need to go "Wow, a camera that is ON a phone? That's incredible!" today in 2017 for example?

  • Jason Melling

Wow, more crap nobody's gonna buy.

It's becoming "sunglasses" rubber stamp. Every name an noname in the fashion industry, with no connection to a technology whatsoever, is taking a generic Android Wear and slapping their name on it.