Xiaomi unveils smart shoes powered by Intel

09 March 2017
What better to track your run than your running shoes?

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  • resha

very nice ...

  • Anonymous

This shoes teaches you how to work or where you go XD

  • Anonymous

with a new feature, is called stock less..

  • INDAY deN

amazing !!!

  • AnonD-625786

This is actually quite funny. lol

  • timi

Trasher, 09 Mar 2017Smart underwear :D and with ads telling you how to get 12 i... moreProbably with an app to install. .. ( sacacist

  • Anonymous

And let me guess, it works with only a Mi special app, which requires Contacts, Location, IDs, Device status, Messages, Phone, Photo & files, Bluetooth, Wifi, and every other permission that exists in the Android eco system, basically exactly what's required in Mi Fit app for... Mi Band 2. Right?
Is the app for my fitness or that of my contacts?? And what's the need for location?
So you purchase the hardware and then you know what you're required to sacrifice in terms of your data?

  • AnonD-401367

Trasher, 09 Mar 2017Smart underwear :D and with ads telling you how to get 12 i... moreloool

  • Anonymous

If there was anything smart about these morons.. this thing would never need to be charged.. using pressure or back forward movement

  • AnonD-593464

Not bad at all when considering the price.

  • AnonD-621510

[deleted post]Whats your problem? Dont you understand sarcasm? The smart shoes thing I said was just sarcasm. Geez, why do have to deal with weird people around here.

  • Anonymous

I forgot the password for my shoes.. now they are not undoing the laces.. hey man!! I laid my smart underwear out in the sun to dry it... blown by wind .. n now the smart chip in underwear is telling me my underwear is under ur pants.... take it off or ill have to activate the anti theft squeeze system .. I beleive u r intelligent enough to understand what the SQUEEZE system is gonna do ...lol ..take it off u underwear thief

  • Leo

Should have came up with an easier name like Xiaomi Mishoe after their Mi products

  • Jenny

When will they make smart underpants?

  • Chrjns

Cheap for a smart shoes compare to Nike and Adidas... However, selling shoes will not fit into Xiaomi business model well. Shoes and clothing are the worst business to be in, if your business model is to cut down on stock....

  • AlOnE

if we translate 90 分 directly into English, it will be 90 Marks or 90 Percent.

Minute is translated as 分钟. See the difference?

  • Anonymous

Killero, 09 Mar 2017Snapdragon or Mediatek?read, its Intel

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Mar 2017I have seen better looking shoes. They should have corporat... moreif it will be Nike, the price won't be the same

  • AnonD-59657

Coming up, smart jacket, smart hat, ....

  • Killero

Snapdragon or Mediatek?