Nokia 3, 5, and 3310 land in the UK in May

09 March 2017
One online retailer has already unveiled rough time frames for the phones' releases.

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  • alone

plz come bangladesh

  • Arian Adler

Dear Gsmarena plz do accept my damn comment!
I'm waiting for all Nokia's phone in nowhere arena :| is this done!?

Nokia < 3 immortal!

  • Quiet Sun 1975

The brand of Nokia is still very strong.
(Like it or not)...

  • Anonymous

Malaysia! Malaysia! Malaysia!

  • chris-chie #19

YES! most awaited phone is come back to life....i'm very excited to have one of it.....i wish that here in the philippine will launce it soon.....

  • Qwerty2017

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2017indonesia is waiting for nokia too !!!All Nokia smartphones (3, 5, 6) won't sell well in Indonesia nowadays, dude!
Trend has changed, people's trust of BRANDED phone is NO LONGER in Nokia's hand.
When EVERYONE & EVERY BRAND accepted the ERA of Android, Nokia STUBBORNLY keep manufacturing & developing Symbian phones that's known for their CHEAP components yet CRAZY price tag, resulting in "almost bankrupt" state, and then comes MS delivering the "final blow" which makes NOKIA phone division with MANY OF ITS PATENTS COMPLETELY GONE.

Since all of them made COMPLETELY in China, all of them will be hard to be sold here, like what happened to iphone7. IF they can be sold here, those devices will be VERY EXPENSIVE & handicapped as it will only support 3G...

Just look at Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 SD650 version sold here. They ONLY sold the 2G RAM version IDR 1 million more expensive than the distributor (BM) ones!
So, if Nokia 6 sold at US$250 in China, when it comes to Indonesia, Nokia 6 will be priced [at least] IDR 4.5 million, as EXPENSIVE as any BRANDED Android phone with BETTER SoC, BETTER display, BETTER camera, & BIGGER ROM.
Heck, if I have that much money, I will get Mi5 128 GB version that comes with ceramic back cover, which means it won't BEND like what JerryRig showed in utube.

p.s. tbh, when I hear Sony Ericsson will COMPLETELY becomes Sony's mobile phone division, I was VERY SAD. Sony is known in laptop manufacturing as a manufacturer which products was as WORSE as Acer in terms of durability, while their price tag for ALL their laptop products is as expensive as Asus or HP, which laptops are quite durable.
It was Ericsson's expertise in mobile phone which makes SE phones popular, and after it becomes SONY, the WHOLE smartphone products "taste" really "ASIA", good but BORING.

BUT when I hear Nokia was "dead" at MS hands', it was the opposite, I was REALLY HAPPY, cuz their execs are as ARROGANT as Titanic's captain & designer which stated similar thing

"our ship (company) is BIG, even if it collided with ice rocks (Android), it WON'T SINK (bankrupt)" & history recorded that BOTH of them SUNK

  • neil

i'm patiently waiting here in the Philippines..........

Please release all Nokia phones in my country. My money is ready!!!!!!!!!

  • waiting the...

I am waiting for the ultimate phone of the year.
Yes the new Nokia 3310!

I am going to give them a miss until I see some more handsets in the future, I feel without Zeiss optics and pureview it does not feel right and also no poly carbonate bodied models, I can't seem to look at these handsets and feel anything Nokia about them.

Now if they were to bring out a reboot of Nokia 800 as I loved that model I would feel much more at home.

But I shall wait.

  • Savor

Waiting patiently for the new 3310. Don't underestimate the power of nostalgia. It started with the Saved By The Bell reunion with Jimmy Fallon. Then Back To The Future Day in 2015. Then The Force Awakens. Then Fuller House. Then NES: Classic Edition. Now this reboot.

I would just put the 3310 in my glove compartment since it has one month standby time and doubt it will melt inside. THIS IS SPARTA! NO, THIS IS NOKIA! Then would listen to some tunes. This and the Nokia P1 are the ones to get. Would rather see more Nokia news than another leaked S8 pic. Nokia and Nintendo with their power feeling younger again. What a comeback!

Only $50, so nothing to lose. And it has features that "dumber" smartphones lack these days. My og 3310 was in dark blue but the new one in red is the one for me. I would find a lanyard and just hang the new 3310 around my neck. That's the style back in the day. I hope the new 3310 can protect me from a bullet. My armor.

  • Anonymous

indonesia is waiting for nokia too !!!

WOrld1, 09 Mar 2017Good work but as always only news from English speaking countryAgree....we need more global news..

  • syong

when is it available on the excited dor the NOKIA 3310

Good work but as always only news from English speaking country