Just in: HTC U Ultra hands-on

12 March 2017
The HTC U Ultra is in the house and we'd love for you to meet.

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  • Battery75

Hi I just purchased the HTC U Ultra , Let me be honest all reviews for this phone before July 2017 are 90% correct based on what price segment it was initially launched on and review of Technical features are 100% wrong. THIS IS AN AWESOME PHONE , the update post July 2017 makes it one of the best mobiles in the market .Saphire Blue color is breathtaking

  • Anonymous

if this phone is smaller than this I should definitely buy one

  • Liv

This time I must say HTC got it right with this model after being confine to 5" & 5.5" for so long. However the phone is a bit pricey. But I think it's worth it.

  • LLL

Looking forward to the full review, and GSMA please test its camera's low-light capabilities thoroughly. Thank you.

  • AnonD-652369

I have to say that I was completely excited to see the Ultra in person after the announcement, and after seeing it, I was even more excited to own it. I know people have criticized HTC over the price, and the fact it is only available for full retail (which honestly, you can still spread out the cost with PayPal and pay just $31.20 a month) but after having this phone for a week, I can't imagine a better phone. Of course, that's because I need a few things from my device that maybe the average user isn't looking for...

1) Top notch camera - I thought my Note 5 had a great camera on it, but then I shot an image with the Ultra and just can't go back. Crystal clear images, sharper in low light, more accurate color - the Note tends to be a bit over saturated, the Ultra is much closer to reality.

2) Notifications - I get a ton coming through my phone on a normal business day. I can control about 90% of it through the second screen rather than firing up the larger screen on my Note and killing the battery. Saves me a ton of time and a ton of battery every day.

3) Big Screen - I like to remote into my work computer from my phone when I need to get to file information that I don't have with me. The Note and the Ultra both have a 5.7" display which is about right for me, the Ultra just seems to be a bit more fit for the screen as it has a slight aspect ration difference, but both are great for that.

4) Speed - I want to get through my phone quickly. Windows Phone was the best OS on the planet for this, but the second screen really does speed this process along. I was shocked over the first few days how much I actually use it. By the end of the week, I would say about 9 out of 10 notifications are taken care of from the smaller display.

5) Quick Charge - The Note 5 has Quick Charge 2.0 tech in it... It's a life saver for me. I need 10-20% of my battery restored before I head out the door from work, I can get it done in about 30 minutes. The Ultra tops that with the 3.0 version that gets me about 50% in the same amount of time. Of course, the Ultra doesn't seem to need it as often as the battery easily lasts the full day plus now that I am only firing up that baby screen to check who emailed or texted me. Bonus usage again!

6) Communications - I need something that handles about 10 email accounts, hangouts and standard messaging very easily. The email program that the Ultra comes stock with really left me feeling flat, but I replaced that with Blue Mail and won't consider looking back. Between the second screen functions and the quick delete features in Blue, I'm hacking through emails in a fraction of the time I used to.

7) Good Audio - First off, don't believe the rumors - you can use the cheap USB-C adapters with the Ultra, you just won't get the USonic features that the proper earphones will give you. I'm not sure if that has as much to do with the adapter as it does the earphones, but my $4.99 adapter worked just fine. That said, the audio quality on the Ultra is fantastic. Even the speaker phone is loud and clear. My daughter's dance music gets a bit of a tin sound to it when it's cranked up, but overall, it's very sharp.

So, that's what I need from my device and the U Ultra nailed it from the start. I don't notice any processor lag from the 821, it has plenty of RAM for multitasking and it doesn't overheat or get crazy under the heaviest gaming loads. It will be the phone I have in my pocket for quite some time because it will only get better and better once the Sense Companion feature rolls out. Until then it's the perfect photo capturing, battery sipping, communications powerhouse that I need to get me through my day.

  • joe

get mine today just wooww what a stunning phone deserve ever $ that I spend for it

  • Anonymous

AnonD-124528, 12 Mar 2017Disappointed because they take nearly 80% of the design fro... moreSupar

  • Venki

I was buyed HTC U ultra blue collar 3 days back nice phone I never seen this impressive phone ....I also used google pixel which is manufactured HTC, and also used Samsung s7edge but those phones I am not impressed more.but U ultra is best interms of music,great camera design and HTC UI ....I love it, I respect HTC engineers.....

  • AnonD-190141

v.i.andron, 12 Mar 2017"HTC might be going through a rough patch lately, but most ... moreOwned Nokia C3, hated HTC Desire series, admired the One X+, bought the Desire 826, hated it later, switched to Oneplus 3T, but still #HTC fandude at heart

  • AnonD-190141

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2017So if you made a phone with a keyboard, your copying blackb... moreYes, you're right, too many trolls these days

  • Anonymous

AnonD-633729, 13 Mar 2017Did Htc invent android or 4G, my dear? Your argument is poi... moreOh sorry. I thought you replied to the comment that followed that one.

  • Anonymous

great phone

  • Anonymous

great htc u ultra waiting for the full review thank you GSMArena team

  • Anonymous

AnonD-633729, 13 Mar 2017Did Htc invent android or 4G, my dear? Your argument is poi... moreNo. They made factual points in response to the useless argument of a fanboy

  • AnonD-633729

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2017So if you made a phone with a keyboard, your copying blackb... moreDid Htc invent android or 4G, my dear? Your argument is pointless. And yes, htc copy LG for secondary display. That's the truth. But, I don't care.

Any high end phone would be great... This is no exception

The U ultra is such a gorgeous phone, but damn man, that price, it's hard to swallow knowing it's got at most an 18 month shelf life.

"HTC might be going through a rough patch lately, but most of us remember the company's glory days, and there are still some HTC fanboys around here, disguised as iPhone and OnePlus owners."

I LMAO-ed at this. Had an HTC One X (2012), switched to iPhone 5s (2013) and then to OnePlus 3 (2016). #HTCfanboy at heart.

Looks like a great phone but not for it's asking price.

  • AnonD-625786

This phone looks nice and has... OK specifications, but it certainly could use a larger battery, a newer processor and a better price, say about $600.