Samsung's acquisition of Harman finalized

11 March 2017
Approval has been granted by Harman stockholders and the various regulatory bodies.

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  • D. Tjo

Just throw an idea, when we all waiting for Harman to be available at our Samsung device. Why we are not just using bluetooth speaker like this ?

It will be produce the same effect I think, by the time Samsung realizing their dream on 2018 later on

  • AnonD-373654

AnonD-305089, 16 Mar 2017No you're lying, you don't have both phones. You're reading... morewhat are you talking about?? i own the galaxy s7 edge.. and I just ordered the nokia 3310.. no other device currently.. read my comment carefully again

  • AnonD-305089

AnonD-373654, 13 Mar 2017Buddy I own a galaxy s7 edge.. my friend have xperia z5 pre... moreNo you're lying, you don't have both phones. You're reading off the internet

  • AnonD-373654

JordanBaby, 12 Mar 2017So what am I gonna see? Even Juan Bagnell from PocketNow is... moreBuddy I own a galaxy s7 edge.. my friend have xperia z5 premium.. if you don't believe come, to skype, I can show you right now,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I have listened to both the phones, and s7 edge sounds much better when connected to my altec alien... even he agrees that he should have bought the s7.. anyways i like to try first hand instead of completely depend on reviews. everybody have different taste.. but i guess most people like samsung better, thats why it sells so many more smartphones right? sony xperia was about to die, but sony desperately kept it alive with the profits coming from playstation.. look at the numbers bro.. xperias hardly sell, if you compare it with samsung and apple, its like a microbe now.. again I am talking only about xperia... previously sony was awesome . i have a 5 year old vaio.. and a walkman from 90's.. they still work just fine.. but now.. sony is pathetic

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Mar 2017Because that person didn't set it well! I am the Xperia u... moreDo this on fiio x1 then. All people are not audiophiles to tune equalizer and other things which should come out of the box and 192 bit music sounds good on any good audio player anyways

  • Anonymous

great.. a really good company being acquired by a really garbage company. Samsuck is bound to screw this up. No more Harman, JBL or infinity products for me.

  • AnonD-625786

Well, hopefully they won't fudge up the company. I really like Harman and its subsidiaries, especially JBL. Don't mess this up, Samsung. I will haunt you if you do.

  • Anonymous

Orson Krennic, 12 Mar 2017Lol you've lied he never impressed with XZ's audio quality ... moreBecause that person didn't set it well!
I am the Xperia user, I know how to set to the best sound: turn on DSEE HX, set the 5 equalizer bars "V" shape and increase the Clear Bass to 7~10 and pair with a slightly better earphone. I claim that the audio quality is superb and no one can beat it. By the way, I play all the music file in mp3 192bit only, it produce better than original imported CD.

Those say the XZ sound quality is garbage, please don't bias, if you bias you can do all the wrong way, even it have the best sound.

  • trumpoman

Wolfson dac is still better since GT-I9000 and Nexus S days !

  • WhatThe

After the success of HUAWEI mediapad M3 co-engineered with HARMAN GARDON sound chipset. Then Samsung bought HARMAN.

  • Andy

Htc sucks

  • Dudecool

Would they be able to tune the S8's audio with Harman before it launches?

  • AnonD-621510

It is nice Samsung didnt intervene to restructure Harman however they like. Just let it be. Tab S3 quad speakers are already tuned by Harman AKG. Loving how they did it. Samsung even bundle in AKG tuned earphones now instead of their classic white earphones.

JordanBaby, 12 Mar 2017So what am I gonna see? Even Juan Bagnell from PocketNow is... moreLol you've lied he never impressed with XZ's audio quality he said the audio quality is identically with the Snapdragon Galaxy S7. Seriously i've tried XZ and audio quality is garbage as usual and my S7 edge is better, but really i don't know why Sony fans always brag about audio quality with Sony's pathethic phones.
DSEE HX makes sound tiny and muffled while Samsung's UHQ upscaler makes treble cleaner.
LDAC? Only compatible with their ugly headphones.
In-built NC? LOL as long as i know, there is only one Sony's in ear headphone that support this feature and it sounds nothing spectacular but that feature is a must for tiny volume on every Sony-branded smartphones.

  • Anonymous

Samsung hundred times better then sony. .

  • Thoru

JordanBaby, 12 Mar 2017So what am I gonna see? Even Juan Bagnell from PocketNow is... moreSomething is intriguing me. Everytime I see someone is bashing something (sound, camera, etc) in the Samsung's flaghships this name is mentioned. Juan Bagnell From Pocketnow. Just this name. Everytime. Strange. Really strange.

  • Anonymous

JordanBaby, 12 Mar 2017First of all, when did I evee freaking say I get offended? ... more1 I am not a Samsung fan
2 fan wars are on both sides. See any Samsung/Sony review thread for that.
3 I do have some faith in gsmas audio tests. They had said audio is pretty average through loudspeaker on my mi note and it is which I found after buying it. Doesn't make much difference if all one is gonna do is listen on headphones. And they had said sony has objectively inferior quality than Samsung.
4 I won't be buying Samsung for long. Xperia Sola was my first true smartphone since the galaxy star was worse than a dumb phone I am a Sony fan but they don't seem to want my money these days due to purposely limiting their phones in some way or other in India which is their pricing. I really want Sony to succeed but talking about Sony in Samsung thread? Doesn't make sense for me same for vice versa when Sony fans voraciously defend Sony from any mistake that they have made

Get your fact straight sony crybaby...
Sony was never a standard of audiophone, HTC is, although sadly they remove themselves of boomsound stereo speakers.
HTC paired with beats, then with harman on One M8 which by far the leading in audio industry.
You sony fans should check m8 h/k and compare it to any others audio phones including sonies lol.. you'll catch the difference

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2017It's a thread about Samsung and audio company and you bring... moreFirst of all, when did I evee freaking say I get offended? Seems like you are, since you couldn't provide specific details to counter attack my comment, so it's your loss anyways. Second, it's basically the Samsung fanboys starting these wars. A lot of Samsung fans are hiding when Sony is in success, sometimes trying to secretly bash them, but when Sony is in trouble, all of them come out and comment as much hate on Sony's page as their love for Samsung. I guess you're one of them, and you're trying to be careful not allowing Sony fans put dirt on Samsung's name. At least our beloved brand has quality. Mine never makes phones beside a nuclear plant and that tiny circle hole is always present :)

AnonD-373654, 11 Mar 2017If you are on this site, then try to read the reviews as we... moreSo what am I gonna see? Even Juan Bagnell from PocketNow is never impressed with the audio quality of the S7 Edge, both internal and external output. At least he was even more impressed with the XZ, V20, Axon 7, Mate 9, and iPhone 7 Plus's audio output than the S7 Edge