Samsung Galaxy S8 Amethyst color confirmed

14 March 2017
Not Violet or Purple - Amethyst. It's been awhile since a Galaxy S came in a similar hue.

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  • Lila

Excellent Color! That's my favorite! I Love it! :*

  • Old Fart

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2017I want an ultra violet coloured model and an infra red colored m... moreNah, got to be Octarine for me, lol.

  • Dorsefrith

Best would be Paryl or chi Colours.... kappa

  • Force Majeure

Most people who design mobiles these days are totally colourblind.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-414564, 14 Mar 2017Unless I can manage to load hundred and fifty or so apps on a de... moreWho needs to use 150 apps at once anyway? Social climbers?

  • Anonymous

I want an ultra violet coloured model and an infra red colored model :P

  • AnonD-414564

Unless I can manage to load hundred and fifty or so apps on a demo phone to test TouchWiz lag, I'm not going to give Samsung $hit

  • Lord

It is better to have a g6 with a 2016 chip than having a samsung s8 with a 2017 chip that might blow up your house and burn your pocket g6 all the way it is better to be safe than sorry

  • Anonymous

I would rather live in a colorful world than an exclusively black or white or a strictly blue or pink divide

  • xy

xy, 14 Mar 2017excelent color choice ladies.uuupppsss ... excellent color choice ladyes.

  • xy

excelent color choice ladies.

  • AnonD-632062

Did the Amethyst S8 lose some of the top-bezel sensor cut-outs?! :P

  • AnonD-634681

why do bare of you think that a colour is for a specific gender
A) Colours only really mattered when you were 2 and someone asked what your favourite was, if you still have a favourite colour and you're above the age of 15, grow up
B) im pretty much certain Samsung don't sit around going "amethyst will give us more market with the ladys" because it was probs more likely "crap everyones making a rose gold phone we cant do that too"

  • AnonD-563126

great, something different but I think it only suits to transgender, LG G6 is a way better despite all the hate of not having a new chipset, but at least they will become the new standard for a smartphone

  • AnonD-563126

Dominic, 14 Mar 2017Hell NoIt is, LG g6 will become a trendsetter to havea smaller bezels and HDR 10 support old Dolby vision

  • Anonymous

A purple-ish phone is a nice thing to have. The purple Sony phones were great, for what it's worth.

  • Anonymous

G6 does not have a notification LED. Deal breaker. You need to be directly over your phone to see if you have any notifications on the AOD.

  • Old Fart

Gender rather than sexuality, but yeah, you're right.

The amethyst looks good though, to bring it back OT.

  • Rana ji

my next device..but in gold colour.....

  • Zaho

Look very cheap lol.