Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc coming to the UK on 21 March

09 March, 2011
It seems the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc will very soon be available to users in the UK. At you can get deals with almost every mobile operator such as O2, Orange and Vodafone. You can get the latest...

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  • retro

update actualy getting it for £21.99 due to 5 months 1/2 price by redemption. great deal

  • retro

Hi, i pre ordered from t mobile 18 month 300min, 300 txt, unlimited tinternet £25 and u can get unlimited txt for another £5. but when will i get it ? lol

  • AnonD-3557

Just Pre-ordered mine from Was told that I should recieve it on the 31st March.
Free Phone, 300 Mins, Unltd TXTs, 500Mb Internet for £25.54 inc VAT on Orange Dolphin for 24 Months which means I also get Orange Wednesdays. Not bad for a Flagship, add in the fact that I can add to its useability with a wide selection of Apps from the Android Marketplace. Im really Happy :)

  • cxc

i really like it, but just have a bit concern about battery life, however it's still in my mind!

  • sam

hi it,s such a good cell really enjoying wiht demo...

  • Robert

I Hear 3 is going to launch the best deals on the phone.Plus their network is the only 3G network in the market so best internet services will be available there.

  • Anonymous

I own x10 n I think its a very good mobile irrespective of its software shortcomings......i think I will buy xperia arc n although SE dealing wiz x10 was pathetic but hey x10 is still a great device....n I dont think u will need dual core devices that much n specially when xperia arc is running wiz latest snapdragon.....wiz its design....its simply awesome

  • Anonymous

How much is this phone to buy when it comes to they uk? I wanna sell my iphone to get this!

  • Gandalf

Bricked - you can get 12 and 18 month contract also so you can upgrade earlier

  • Sebastien

more cheap deals at Can we have more info on this market leading retailer owned by the carphone warehouse as the deals are fantastic. i have bought for myself and the wife

  • Elder

michael85, 10 Mar 2011Why do they bother marketing and promoting this phone since it h... moreThe 3G Internet speed in the phone specs is the MAXIMUM speed you can achieve if served from a cell that supports that speed or higher ... PROVIDED, you are the ONLY ONE being served by that cell. Should other users log on, the speed is reduced. e.g. for a 14.4MBps cell, 10 users will be served at 1.44MBps each; 20 users at 720KBps etc ...! So, don't read too much into these figures!

  • Anonymous

GAma, 09 Mar 2011Mine Xperia 10 is for repair at Sony in Lisbon, since that the c... moreYeh, youre right. Id rather get a dual core phone cause next thing u know the standards for phones will be dual cores soon. Like a computer, get the fastest processor and bigger RAM.

  • names bond

AnonD-3405, 09 Mar 2011do any one think, who ever got x10, will go with SE anymore??????????yes i's not a bad phone, they just didn't update as quickly as promised...but, 1.6 was just fine for me, sure 2.1 gives for cool stuff but hey, i bought it so i can't blame SE for making my own choice...& neither should anyone else...i'll get the Arc regardless of my experience with the X10...cause name 1 company that didn't screw up with at least 1 of their phones? there ain't any :)

  • Anonymous

bummy, 09 Mar 2011in hindsight, SE x10 is an amazing phone. Still the best desi... moreI Agree!!!

  • Anonymous

ANOOP KOHLI, 09 Mar 2011if come in india within 1 week then i purchase otherwise i go fo... moreNo phone has ever been released a day after the announcement

  • gozuu

I have a SE X10 and beleive it is a very good phone, it was SE first try and a good one, all the bugs are being fix in the next gen, so I am ready to purchase the xperia arc or pro.

  • michael85

Why do they bother marketing and promoting this phone since it has the same specs with HTC Desire HD which is out for over 6 months now...

Oh I'm sorry...Arc has less RAM, slower 3G internet and less standby I see! :)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-3405, 09 Mar 2011do any one think, who ever got x10, will go with SE anymore??????????of course!!!!

  • rana

AnonD-3405, 09 Mar 2011do any one think, who ever got x10, will go with SE anymore??????????ya i will go for SE again i am using x10 and i love it

  • Anonymous

no more phones from SE my x10 fail after 8 months and SE wont repair it for me BAD SE.