Huawei Watch starts getting Android Wear 2.0 update

18 March 2017
The update brings along several changes, including redesigned UI, optimized performance, and Google Assistant.

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  • Y.H

The update is not rolling out now, check the source to realize that this was an internal testing version inside Huawei only.

Neither is it rolling out by end of this month, that was a miscommunication on the behalf of HuaweiDE's Twitter account. If you check the twitter thhread you will notice they confused the Watch 2 release date with the 2.0 update date.

As of now, there is no official date. Plus from a business perspective, I highly doubt they would release 2.0 on the classic watch without releasing the Watch 2 world wide. That would take away one of the unique selling propositions of the watch 2 (one of the few watches running 2.0)

  • Kangal

No update for AW 2.0 for the Huawei Watch here either.
Plus, my original LG Urbane also desperately needs the update aswell.

  • Anonymous

Still waiting, 18 Mar 2017Thx Huawei, Fossil and all other Android Wear 2.0 adopters.... more+1 - LG UL2 got caught on a marketing trap. No update for us in the next months so that the new things will be sold a bit more.

  • AnonD-643107

AnonD-653820, 18 Mar 2017Wrong. My Huawei watch from the same time as the first Appl... moreI'm also using android watch. Some Android watches maybe look better then apple watch and are cheaper, but when in goes to software then apple is miles ahead. And looks like Google isn't even interested to develope android wear.
No wonder that Samsung are making watches with tizen.


No update. Been checking and checking and no update.

  • xenixas

fake, there is no update yet lol

  • AnonD-653820

AnonD-39937, 18 Mar 2017smartwatches can be great...just look at Apple watches, the... moreWrong. My Huawei watch from the same time as the first Apple watch series 0, has better and faster hardware, Sapphire Crystal display which you can get on the Apple watch but for 700€, I got mine for 200€, come with better resolution and is brighter, to top it off it looks like a watch, not a toy it has Android Wear 2.0 preview long ago, that means I can use a keyboard to send messages.

  • AnonD-39937

Anonymous, 18 Mar 2017Nobdoy buys smart watches. Just discontinue the product...smartwatches can be great...just look at Apple watches, they aren't perfect, but the software is top notch and makes them useful...Android Wear 2.0 is still miles behind...and to top it, not even the hardware is any better...200-300$ for a smartwatch(this is a gadget, not a luxury accesory)? this is crazy, this is midrange phone area and they are more useful than a smartwatch(100-150$ should be the maximum)...old, slow and inefficient SOCs, LPDDR3 RAM, eMMC storage...low battery life(1-2 days is lame for a watch, it's not a smartphone, they should run at least 4 days, a week would be nice)...I won't cash for a smartwatch till I see that it brings something that my smartphone with my normal watch can't do.

  • AnonD-653812

Anonymous, 18 Mar 2017Nobdoy buys smart watches. Just discontinue the product...To the person who said "no one buys smartwatches, so just stop making them" - Sure we do, and we actually use them, enjoy them, and look forward to advancements in the technology - far better than sitting around posting pointless commentary such as yourself (free clue - if you don't care for something, go do something or read about things you do like - you'll be a much happier person and other people won't have to read your pointless comments on the topics they enjoy. Makes for a far better existence than trying to impose your will on others). Said with sincerity and no ill intent, seriously!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Mar 2017I think Apple would disagree with you. In my country I see ... moreHaha, those are fanboys. In 10 years time nobody would even remember smart "watches"

  • Still waiting

Thx Huawei, Fossil and all other Android Wear 2.0 adopters.
And what about LG? Why don't they release the update to the Urban 2? I participated with the Beta. Even a note about the launch date we didn't receive.
LG is selling the new watch but not a word with current clients?
It's fustrated.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Mar 2017Nobdoy buys smart watches. Just discontinue the product...I think Apple would disagree with you. In my country I see lots of Apple Watches on people's wrist, granted not so many android wear.

  • Anonymous

is a dev-keys signed build

  • Anonymous

Nobdoy buys smart watches. Just discontinue the product...

  • Anonymous

Nobody confirms receiving 2.0 on HW1. Is this a hoax?

  • rene

Yoyo guys I am the first to comment here anyway android wear 2.0 is good please make a review on Android wear 2.0