Apple releases iOS 4.3 two days earlier than officially planned

09 March, 2011
Today we were nicely surprised to see iTunes greet us with the latest iOS 4.3 software for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 well ahead of schedule. The update brings a handful of improvements including faster web...

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  • ponix

The Iphone is not the best phone ever despite what people say,
It is a good phone but your paying more for the features as your paying for the apple brand , take a look at the features it has alot of the android phones have similar if not the same features at a much lower price for the handset.

  • Anonymous

iPhone is not the bee's knee's let me tell you! Without an Applecare protection plan for 2 years, your more then likely going to end up with a fault and need a new/replacement phone, and even then the service is a new/refeurbished iPhone. HTC all the way!

  • wan

iphone is the best....u cannot compare any phone model with iphone...iphone have own class ....this is the fact...iphone is the best...

  • JonnyLove

Gabriel, 13 Mar 2011Hotspot is just for Iphone 4No it's not. I have a 3gs and hotspots are working.

If it is not showing it may be it is not enabled by your carrier much like tethering. You may need to enable this before using the hotspot.

  • j-l

Personal Hotspot is quite handy!

  • rsd

i updated my iphone4 but i dont see a HOT SPOT wifi thing..why?, i see location services.

  • Gabriel

Hotspot is just for Iphone 4

  • Biock

Mr.Bigtime, 13 Mar 2011i updated my 3gs but i dont see a HOT SPOT wifi thing..why? :(Hey mate,
Hotspot is only for iphone4 not for 3GS!!I dnt think there's any new update on iPhone 3GS on 4.3

  • Mr.Bigtime

i updated my 3gs but i dont see a HOT SPOT wifi thing..why? :(

  • reubear

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2011I see. In that case I apologise for misunderstanding your ... morei work in a phone shop (yes this comment is directed at the comment this was a reply for) and if we have iphones, they are sold. we are consistantly running out. if we had the stock, we would sell probs 10 - 1 compared to android. and that (your bullshit comment)is not a fair comparison as there are over 70 different phone models running android, soo you cant compare them directly. if you narrowed it down to one android device then it would be clear to anyone that they are sold very competitively.

  • TC

Anonymous, 10 Mar 201160% of Americans have an iphone? Really? So 2 out of every ... moreLet me rephrase that since we have people who take EVERY LITTLE THING LITERAL! I'm tired of having the same text message tone as anyone that has iPhone and want to be able to create my own like I did with ringtones WITHOUT jailbreaking my phone. Oh and for the record, you are incorrect whoever anonymous is that responded to me, there are only 4 iPhones out there whereas there are MULTIPLE Android phones out in the market. Now if you have found the time to go find something better to do than to read comments, then go search and read articles to critic something someone said that was not being literal about their comment, then have fun doing whatever that is:).

  • kicksfreak_17

JobApp, 10 Mar 2011Tried the "download and update" option couple of ... moreyup true.. im also having a hard time updating my iPhone 4. it does not update it as it should be.

  • Anonymous

I installed the update on 3GS and cannot feel any difference in safari. In fact safari suffer from fast freezes after the update.

  • AnonD-3407

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2011I find it hard to believe that you "own" every to... morejust reading info about something isnt enough for me..i want to have first hand knowledge of i buy them. some people like clothes..i like phones i guess!

I buy the top phones on the market at the time,use a different one each day and get to know each one...keep them all for around 4-5 months,then sell them on ebay. Plus i can write them all off at tax time because i use them for business so Im never out of pocket.

No,i have owned all the iphones personally,i only use the iphone4 now though,various family members have my earlier iphones.

daily phones im using atm are: N8,Desire HD, Galaxy s, Iphone4,Samsung Omnia. Had the Xperia X10 but after a week got over it very quickly. Recieving my E7 tomorrow,and my ipad 2 over the next few days. Having never personally owned a tablet,im interested to see what my reaction to it will be

  • Anonymous

apple is gud but we cant upgrade online but android phone can upgrade any time

  • Anonymous

Do you mean share your thoughts in the comments "below"?

  • Kris

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2011I find it hard to believe that you "own" every to... moreHaving just a demo phone will not mean you know all the ins and outs of a phone. You should own/use the phone for maybe a week or two, and use it extensively at that to know it. I've encountered shops where they do have a demo phone, and I end up knowing more about the phone than the staff even before I bought one because I research before buying. With that experience, I can see that scotty's policy of using the top phones is a good one.

  • AnonD-171

Anonymous, 10 Mar 2011iOS just looks better than Symbian and supplied with better... moreiOS+symbianOS=AndroidOS

  • Anonymous

AnonD-3407, 10 Mar 2011no,you have gotten it wrong. The first few iphones i was im... moreI find it hard to believe that you "own" every top smartphone so that you know the ins and out and can explain to customers.

Does that mean you only use the iphones or do you have all the top rated mobiles from everyone else?

What wrong with showing customers a demo phone instead? rather that owning all the top smartphones?

  • Aasim

Upgraded last evening; can't feel much difference - but Safari's speed has improved a great deal.... Personal Hotspot a very nice option - I had given this idea to my colleagues 8 years ago to add a wireless hotspot in laptop - but no one listened and thought am some kind of a freak...