Copy/paste update for Windows Phone 7 in second half of March

10 March, 2011
The first update for Windows Phone 7 is already out but the first one with merit - well, with copy and paste anyway - is coming this month (though not as fast as expected). Hopefully, Microsoft has learned...

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  • Winmal

Well... its almost April now... Still no Copy Paste updates from Microsoft... They are Over-promising and under delivering :p

  • AnonD-3885

seriously guys? it aint MS's fault if the first update wasn't successful, samsung phones are made in such a way that when released, thats it.. no updates to be expected...thats why their having a hard time to bring android 2.2 to even their flagship devices... my jet was never updated despite the number of bugs and multiple stupid implementations that i cannot believe was present on the phone...seriously samsung has a lot of quality issues with their products...

  • smokinsonu

Windows playing apple games now? its bad enough all their games are EXPENSIVE!

  • Anonymous

I would suggest a thing here. There should be an option to undo the deleting messages or gallery files which you have just deleted willingly or accidentally. same goes for Symbian OS if possible....

  • Anonymous

Copy/paste should have been there in the first place.

  • angel

i like windows 7...i used symbian 3 ( nokia n8) and android ( desire hd) i think those two are for younger people who ask too much from a phone.. win 7 is simple, classy and smooth..i am 40, and i do not care about market, copy-paste or games..or music... so, this is the best for me..oh, i use a htc hd 7

  • w.c

i using hd 7,but it cant support for type chinese pinyin for phoonbook also ned download app for message(pinyin),make me so sad.

  • Stevo

Unfortunately the update is not a game changing event - in my opinion I feel MS had an opportunity to lead from the front but stuffed it. By omitting key features with the initial release of WP7 we had to adopted the Android platform instead. Since then we have committed our resources to developing internal applications thus reducing our dependency on MS. Sometimes organisations become to big and arrogant they no longer can see the forest for the trees.

Yey! Uhm, how about Cut? Copy paste only?

  • MyName

p.s. I take it as Nokia have become a Zune phone :)))))))

  • MyName

Well done, Nokia

  • l33t 33T

copy & paste has been around for over a looong time...

  • Sam

WM 6.5 works just fine for me up this day... WP7 is just not good yet!

  • Anonymous

We all know that Microsoft is heading the Apple's way. But this copxw/paste feature should have been there early on. What Microsoft should have been working is the flash-enabled browser

  • Pelican

Senzo, 10 Mar 2011I have an HTC-HD2 (released OCT 2009) which runs on WinMo 6... moreI think it was their mistake. As you can see prices smart phones with WP7 dropped and many people get rid them. Android is the King.

  • cosmos calling

what a discovery!

  • AzoreanNokia

and some complaint that Sony or Nokia are slow to do updates!
So Little, so late...

  • Anonymous


  • Tara

For me more important update would be ability to set up your own melody as ringtone.

  • AnonD-3458

If you have tried a windows7 phone, then i'd say, this is the real new OS. Not just a another replica os apple. I am enjoying my HD7 even without the power of winmo 6.5 or even what's in my galaxy tab.