Motorola Xoom update comes out, needed for Flash 10.2 update

11 March, 2011
Motorola have released an update for their Xoom slate. It brings along some "required enhancements" for their next update, which should bring Flash 10.2 to the Xoom. So basically this is just a half-step...

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  • AnonD-542

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2011Hey people from GSMarena, there is something called the Notion I... moreI agree 100% dude. Notion ink adam tablet needs to have a review from this site. Its really a masterpiece beating likes of Motorola Xoom(i mean Adam has better features like pixel Qi display). Not to forget its dual core tegra 2 cortex A9 CPUs. 1 gb DDR2 Ram, ability to decode pure 1080p videos (motorola xoom loses in the department of codec support compared to Adam). And all the things that people want in their latest purchase without breaking their banks. Oh btw did i mention that it runs Android 2.2, and recently 2.3 was ported and also a promised update to 3.0. It actually has a customised OS which has combined features of the latest versions of Android, and is named 'Eden'. Also, android community already rooted it giving it access to full android market and their apps. Even a CFW is available.
Hey Gsmarena!!! Are you asleep or What???

  • raj

this phone is awesome sexy,,,,,,,

  • zviki

Yeah,right.We all know what it means "coming soon" from Motorola.

  • mw

i wonder how much this will cost in jamaica?

  • powel

pete, 11 Mar 2011The first update Motorola needs to do is a price update. Who in... moreexactly my thoughts

  • kenbob

I just installed the update. Had no issues at all. Looking forward to Flash player in a few days!

  • naaz

wow amazing look i love you moto

  • AnonD-730

another very good reason to buy xoom.

  • pete

The first update Motorola needs to do is a price update.
Who in there right mind will pay this much for a tablet?
Anyone with half a brain will buy a laptop. Anyone with no brain will buy an iPad 2

  • AnonD-977

Flash is coming 18 March

  • Prabhat

it looks too good

  • AnonD-1846

Better Xoom is than iPad 2

  • AnonD-21

Nice! Great news! Hope to see more updates from Motorola in the future.

  • me

wow it looks really nice


Well done, i really need to get my hands on one.

  • pete

The only update Motorola should be doing for the xoom is a PRICE UPDATE!!!!!
Who in there right mind is going to spend £499 on this?
Anyone with half a brain will buy a mid range laptop for this money.
Anyone with no brain will buy an iPad 2.

  • pruikki

ipad feels right in hands.but OS feels wrong!

  • r

gogo for it

  • jay

everything about the device is great apart frm its pricing,motorola really need to get 2 things rit,1 is timely updates and the other being the pricing.