Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) spotted on Geekbench with octa-core CPU, Android 7.0

21 March 2017
The device has already received WiFi certification from the WiFi Alliance (WFA).

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  • Anonymous

So this Galaxy J5 has only 702 single core score? Too weak. It has similar performance as the Snapdragon 600 version of Galaxy S4 four years ago. While the Galaxy S4 I9506 (Snapdragon 800) has much better CPU performance, about 936-997 single core score.

As I always said, old flagship phones are always better than new midrangers. Not only in performance, but also in features.

  • santad

If GPU is better than in 2016. model I`ll buy it. Lot of specs depends on GPU co-procesor, it is more important than CPU.

  • lee

For normal using,this spec are good.

So, J5 (2017) could sport the same chipset as the J7 (2017), the Exynos version. I hope Samsung put the 7880 in the J7 (2017), otherwise, it will look like an J5 (2017) Plus or something like that. On the other hand, it's a sizable improvement in processing power and efficiency.

  • AnonD-505842

Still 2 gb ram

  • Matthew

CPU from a J7 2016? Not bad, hope battery is still removable.

  • Zero

A massive improvement​ compared to 2016 version.

Hope that the J2 and J1 become decent this year.