Samsung Galaxy S II for AT&T and SGH-i708 prototype hit FCC

11 March, 2011
Well, well, would you look at which two Samsung phones got the FCC approval today. The first is the Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 - we all know that one. The SGH-i708, however, is a bit more mysterious...

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  • dongle

AnonD-3827, 13 Mar 2011Can any1 tell the month its release is expected???And what ... moreQ1 is nothing but first quarter of the year

  • Jeovamagalhaes


  • Anonymous

Easy910, 13 Mar 2011What is fccfcc federal communications 'council/commitee?'

the us's approval service for any communication device

  • AnonD-3880

jo, 13 Mar 2011i live here in saudia arabia...i got a samsung galaxy s....... morelooking forward...

  • AnonD-3827

Can any1 tell the month its release is expected???And what is Q1 in the Status:Coming soon. Exp. release 2011, Q1

  • Easy910

What is fcc

  • jo

i live here in saudia arabia...i got a samsung galaxy s....but why cant i connect to the android apps download? even my frends who got samsung galaxy tablet..

  • ibrahimiba

I have been waiting for one year for a android phone 4.3+ size for T-Mobile after 8 years whit T-Mobile I will switch is been 3 months I am out of contract

  • mikeYmike

it's true. I thot at&t was better. maybe it used to, but now it sucks. t-mobile's better n cheaper. n btw, i want the s2! :(

  • Anonymous

Att shouldn't get this phone, but if you look at it like this tmobile mock them when samsung didn't releases froyo for the vibrant. Tmobile will only get their stupid phones and not the high end ones.

  • Anonymous

@anonymous the galaxy s ii will have tegra 2 and samsung chip varieties due to a shortage of samsung exynos chips.


Can't wait for this phone to be released in Nigeria.

  • spidercool

why did Tmobile missed to get samsung galaxy s2, were they sleeping? tmobile sucks

  • Nomoto

darkhorse7, 12 Mar 2011Why is it coming for ATT and not T-Mo USA? :( T-Mobile has ... moreNo worries on the galaxy s2 being on att bands. I have noticed that most of these posts like to get a rise out of people. The s2 does have att and verison bands... It also has t mobile 2100 bands. So t mobile is not ruled out just yet.

  • suji

irs, 12 Mar 2011Ooooops its owsome.....can any one tel me that what is dis fcc approved

  • Anonymous

Is this going to be using the tegra2 or samsung's own chip?

  • avi

I thought it's gonna come to t-mobile as well...if it's not then I'm just gonna get LG optimus 2X instead cause I don't wanna switch carrier. AT&T just sucks!#

  • irs

Ooooops its owsome.....

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1572, 11 Mar 2011I was wondering whether or not they would release several i... moreDo you mean like when the first Galaxy came out it had multiple variants throughout carriers? If so I very much hope so too!!

  • darkhorse7

Why is it coming for ATT and not T-Mo USA? :( T-Mobile has an unlimited data plan that is way cheaper than ATT and I don't want to switch carrier... Maybe I should get LG Optimus X2 when it comes out for T-Mobile? :(