Huawei might be in talks with AT&T about the carrier selling its phones

22 March 2017
However, even if this is true, a possible start of sales is very far off at this point.

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  • 26 Mar 2017

Consumer Cellular sells a tablet and a flip phone from huawei

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    • 9Bt
    • 23 Mar 2017

    T-Mobile used to carry Huawei devices in the US

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      • 23 Mar 2017

      Except they're not bringing anything to the table. Unless they plan to dramatically undercut Samsung in pricing they won't make a dent in the US market. The only opening in the market is a durable low/mid cost unit in the 4.5-4.7in range, as there are none offered by carriers or that you can buy outright. The sony compacts are the only smaller ones available that work on ATT's frequency bands, but they're not durable and cost too much.

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        • 23 Mar 2017

        ATT has previously offered Huawei phones.

          Note7 owner, 22 Mar 2017Becareful LG and Samsung. LG? Be careful LG?
          Huawei is far ahead of LG, the No. 2 Apple and No. 1 Samsung
          however I do like LG phones (G2-G3-G4 V10) the G6 is looks promising. I hope it will be reliable as they promise, because all the first four what I mentioned is not manufactured by high quality standards, all those have some kind of hardware problem.

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            • 22 Mar 2017

            I would love to see that happen, Cricket and AT&T are two of the best and affordable, i'm sick and tired of seeing only Samsung and Crapple.

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              • 22 Mar 2017

              [deleted post]what?

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                • 22 Mar 2017

                Great news for Huawei
                Good luck you guys!

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                  • 22 Mar 2017

                  This is a great move from both companies. Huawei would benefit from a partnership from AT&T consider they're one of the largest companies in the US after the recent DirecTV and Time Warner acquisition, and AT&T would benefit from having a more diverse offering of smartphones other than Apple, Samsung, and LG. It's been slim pickings ever since AT&T stopped selling Motorola and HTC phones...

                    Becareful LG and Samsung.

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                      • 22 Mar 2017

                      Great moved from Huawei.. .