The almost forgotten Nokia X7 spotted in the wild again

14 March, 2011
The quad-speaker Nokia X7 leaked numerous times before, so today's pictures are not actually news. But what's important here is the Symbian^3 gadget is still alive and we hope Nokia goes public with it...

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  • Sammy

Anonymous, 20 Mar 2011I can't wait for tomorrow evening! please I want the x7 to ... moreDis'll b myn wide in a mnth.....I luvd it ....

  • Anonymous

I can't wait for tomorrow evening! please I want the x7 to be one of the new releases!:) PLEASE nokia people!

  • razor

Sgt. Cross, 15 Mar 2011X7, Windows Phone 7... one thing has anything to do with an... moresgt cross, lemme guess, you play need for speed alot right

  • my name

wish lower price than current n8,
at galaxy sl will be great.

  • Sgt. Cross

X7, Windows Phone 7... one thing has anything to do with another.
Just like HTC HD7 and Windows Phone 7.

  • AnonD-171

AnonD-3986, 15 Mar 2011@Bluemoth: Your comedy has no boundaries... it is the most powerful OS it just doesn't appeal to US for looks

  • AnonD-3986

@Bluemoth: Your comedy has no boundaries...

[deleted post]Even if I don’t support their strategy,I can proudly say Nokia & M$ partnership will not fail.why?

here are my 10 reasons:

1. Most customers & clients do not even know Nokia is adopting WP7 as primary smartphone strategy,ask 10 of your friends & tell me how many out of that 10,know about this new partnership,most probably 1 or 0.Do the same with your family &friends,result still the same.

And not all Nokia customers want high end phones,some are satisfied by the dumb phones which generate most of Nokia revenue.

2. A lot of customer have/are using Windows on their PC’s and they do like Windows 7 on a PC.They also use MS Office everyday.Now if they hear the new Nokia phones with Windows intergrates/communicates much better with their PC they will be more happy,especially the businessman will look forward 2 a better MS Exchange on their phone.Y can ask yo boss & the answer is obvious.

3. Nokia M$ will combine and use their Navigation assets 2 deliver a true navigation experience that’s unrivaled.Thus more customers would be impressed after purchasing the phones,

4. M$ will try it’s best 2 bring high quality mobile gaming with their Xbox live.If they provide a few titles free this can influence gamers,seems likely they will.

5. Nokia WP user interface will be customized 2 have a better look and feel of being Nokia.

6. Nokia WP will come with better/improved Cameras as they are well known 2 produce high quality cameras.

7. M$ has a huge community of their own developers,so if Qt developers don’t want 2 come on board it won’t affect anything,sorry it’s their choice-take it or leave it.

8. More developers are graduating at schools,colleges,universities with knowledge of C++,.Net,Visual studio and many will be happy 2 join M$ if an opportunity arise.

9. Nokia will produce a Meego device this year 2 keep those geeks on board while they give WP more time 2 improve.

10. M$ will throw in $$$$$$ millions to make the partnership work.After all they’re all in it for money and getting into next generation of mobile phone market.

Even though the whole partnership disappoints me,i definately know it will be successfull if they continue their game play.So far i can say well done Stephen Elop &keep it up,you’re getting there.

Obviously if the deal fails we still have MeeGo 2 back everything up,that’s why Elop put a strong emphasis on MeeGo being for next generation of disruptive technologies.

  • Anonymous

i love the e7 for lcd,but i hate folding mechanism. this x7 is the perfect mobile for me. hate android,i used it

  • Anonymous

in my family we have nokia n8, nokia e7, iphone 4,samsung galaxy with android. e7 is above all but n8 have the best camera.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2011I agree with you pal!, that what's happen when you are the ... moreNot sure your maths is correct if 100 were sold the numbers would look something like this:

Android just over 30 phones
Symbian just over 30
Apple just over 15 phones
RIM just over 14
WM about 3

  • Anonymous

me, 15 Mar 2011Shouldn't nokia be concentrating in making wp7 phones now? ... moreDo you really believe that a phone can be turned out only one month after the announcement?

And as to facts and figures where do you get your two year lead from? Android has its own challenges for sure, but the reason that Android is fast catching Apple is that Apple has not innovated in the last few years when it comes to UI. Refinements yes, innovation no. So the gap between various OSs is not as large as it was even two years ago.

I say this as someone who has several Apple products and an Android device :)

  • AnonD-843

[deleted post]anyway nokia still ruling out the world. They can increase it with meego(not with wp). Lets see.
If u think android is ruling u would have never come to this post and troll. We symbian user never troll on ur android forums

  • Anonymous

AnonD-3979, 15 Mar 2011Symbian is the most advance software in the market. Not eve... moreI was about to say exactly the same with you mate! Symbian has nothing less than other softwares! Apart from that it scrolls amazingly and does not require high performance phones! That fact, helps the development in the hardware in which nokia undoubtly rules! And something last! Do not think that symbian is dead! With google being the leader in internet information, symbian is being discredited in a way that you, people believe it is going to "disappear"! If you do a research you will understand that symbian is still very high in prefferences! In the top 3 worldwide!
Nokia people please release this beast as soon as possible, cause i can't wait to hold it in my hands!! It's an amazing device!:) So go for X7!! It's never late to release this!:D

  • AnonD-3979

Symbian is the most advance software in the market. Not even iOS and Android can beat it.

For example, Everybody is so impressed when the Motorola Xoom Tablet which is running Android Honeycomb can do scrolling within the widgets. Oh please!! Symbian 3 can already do scrolling within the widget for example favourite contacts etc and its on a symbian phone software.

Even when iOS and Android first came they do not have copy & Paste functionality, but Symbian phone can already do copy & Paste years ago.

This proves that Symbian/ Nokia has the best technology except they have to deliver it in an eye candied way. Meaning better UI.

  • AnonD-1311

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2011Since this phone was supposed to be a gaming phone Symbian ... morehow could they change it to wind0ze when

a. It doesn't comply with MINIMUM SPECS REQUIREMENT

b. It was in production way before microsh!t came

  • AnonD-1311

a. somebody else pick up meego
b. Elop reconsiders.


  • me

Shouldn't nokia be concentrating in making wp7 phones now? They made the partership anouncement over a month ago so where is their phone? The more people buy the crappy symbian phones the more they realise that nokia is far behind.

To all those bashing the iphone all i have to say is GROW UP and Do SOME READING. There is no better platform right now with the QUALITY of SOFTWARE that the APP STORE has to offer. Don't get me wrong I believe Android to be a great mobile OS but the problem here is the lack of QUALITY Software titles from the google market place. And Don't even get me started about the GAMES. iOS right now has a 2 YEAR LEAP over EVERYONE ELSE. So unless you have proof don't make senseless clames.
The Only other platform to stand a chance against iOs is WP7. Microsoft has the technology and skill to invest in gaming technologies for their Platform. I wouldn't be surprised if they started porting games from XBOX and XNA.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-3673, 15 Mar 2011Symbian is the most feature rich OS to date. They just need... moreI agree with you pal!, that what's happen when you are the leader of the market for about 10 years!!! the nokia engineers or bosses or who da hell make decisions there are sleeping on the gold of the nineties when they were the leaders of the market, nowadays the symbian interface is just pathetic as much as can be a sagem or alcatel UI phones!!! they probably do't get it that they must to wake up and soon to catch up samsung, htc and everybody use android.... even if,for me, it's already to late, and the merge with microsoft? HAHAHAHA if you consider that last winter they were thinking to beat android with the launch of WIN7.... hahahah hilarious, and the statistic reveal that the market share nowadays of win7 is onlt 7% !!!!!!!!! hahahaha it means every 100 phones sold 93 are android and 7 only win7!!!! so good luck nokia, I don't think you done so smart choice!!! even Chinese brand like ZTE and HUAWEI they sold more that nokia nowadays because they switch to android!!!!

  • AnonD-843

[deleted post]STILL IT SELL THE MOST. Like how many times you criticize iphone4 the people will buy them.