Gionee A1 launched in India for $305

24 March 2017
The phone comes with a 16 megapixel selfie camera, 4010mAh battery, 4GB RAM and Android Nougat.

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  • Anonymous

Riya, 26 Mar 2017Gionee a1 all features very good no competition other brand According to the specs screen is AMOLED but in this article it is LCD. Which is true?

  • AnonD-654322

Abhay, 24 Mar 2017MediaTek? Eww!What's vvrong with ol mediatek? 😕

  • Riya

Gionee a1 all features very good no competition other brand

Outdated "micro USB" port. Not interested.

Why somebody hasn't pointed that out. Bezel sensitive people are late.

arun5959, 25 Mar 2017Gionee phones? Overpriced as usual with Mediatek processors... moreThe specs is pretty similar to Moto M. I have to say it is just a bit pricier than Moto M.

Gionee phones? Overpriced as usual with Mediatek processors . They should take some lessons from Xiaomi and Oneplus to give customers a better deal instead of wasting money on ads.

  • T-Dizzle

Sohail, 24 Mar 2017I wonder why Gionee is not at all using a Snapdragon in the... moreQualcomm blocked the sale of Samsung's Exynos processors to other companies.

  • AnonD-655533

Is it LCD or Amoled?

Check specifications.

Ohh good job to Gionee, it seems quite respectable for $300

  • Tyler W.

This looks exactly like the Blu Life one x2 mini, just a bit taller and it has off screen buttons

  • Anonymous

why mediatek ...why?

Does anyone know if they so realized the a1 plus?

  • AnonD-255010

Overpriced for mediatek

  • AnonD-92238

Nobody buys a mediatek for more than 15k

  • AnonD-618398

This is gonna flop in India. Xiaomi officially sells in India.

  • Kumar

Yet another 5.5 inch phone with helio P10.....

  • AnonD-255010

Overpriced for mediatek

  • AnonD-645398

A perfect piece of Junk for that price

  • AnonD-505842

lol spes..oppo a57 have all of these at 5k cheaper.
who needs 4 gb of ram on this chipset!