Google is working on a group photo editing app

25 March 2017
The platform is said to have a social twist and benefit from Google's powerful recognition and categorization algorithms.

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  • Alex

Anonymous, 25 Mar 2017Future 'abandoned' product/service?Or maybe it will go the Google Camera way: make an app and if people like it pull it out of the app store and make it Google Pixel exclusive

  • Grubba

Everytime Google alters something it causes problem's elsewhere.

  • Anonymous

Why is Google trying to change everything just leave it the way it is everyone is happy

  • Anonymous

Every year Android and iOS keep turning into the same OS by getting closer and closer. They started at different end, but they are slowly merging in the middle. iOS started completely as a lockdown os that is slowly opening up and Android started as a wild wild west but slowly adopting some of the iOS lockdown (although not completely) restriction nature to better handle things.

  • AnonD-560664

"Naturally, we can also expect the new service to leverage Google's groundbreaking machine learning algorithms for recognizing people and objects, automatic categorization and almost magic-like search capabilities."

Is your day job writing press releases for Google?

  • Anonymous

Future 'abandoned' product/service?