The Xiaomi Mi 6 might have a bigger Plus variant: full specs sheets leak online

25 March 2017
The Mi 6 Plus is described as a 5.7-inch phablet with a dual camera setup.

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  • AnonD-200528

Which one is better? IMX362 or IMX400? I'm assuming that the IMX400 is better because of the higher number (400) as opposed to (362) so if that's the case, how come the higher phone model (plus version) have the lower sensor model (IMX362)?!

Joselius, 27 Mar 2017Selective exclusivity doesnt mean all of it exclusive. I ge... moreAll the sensors ever used in flagship xperias are exclusive.

  • AnonD-579931

The URLs in these images are incorrect. There's a hyphen in the URL which prevents the images from loading. The "/-/" portion of the URL needs to be replaced with "/".

Just sayin'.

  • Don

Hii you are very bad and phug phone

Me, 27 Mar 2017Always... The sensor used on z1, z1c, z2, z3, z3c and z4... moreSelective exclusivity doesnt mean all of it exclusive. I get what you trying to say. Just some of the flagship ones are exclusive.

  • Me

Joselius, 26 Mar 2017Since when xperia camera sensor made exclusive?Always...

The sensor used on z1, z1c, z2, z3, z3c and z4 was exclusive.

The one used on X, X Perf, XZ, X Compact and Z5 too.

Zenfone 3 deluxe has 23mp too, but is another sensor.

Joselius, 26 Mar 2017Since when xperia camera sensor made exclusive?The sensors made for xperia flagship is not used in any other phones.
Since xperia z or maybe even before that.
U can look it up

Marshmallow in 2017 is Dead on arrival

  • Anonymous

Joselius, 26 Mar 2017Colorless Mi 6. Must be invisible. Lol. Add to the duo being colorless. They are also dimensionless and weightless according to the info. Must be a breakthrough the future world would find difficulty breaking with

  • Anonymous

AnonD-656008, 26 Mar 2017Just about to order my mi 5s plus which came out in October... moreI think it worth to wait. Even in the end if you don't like 6+ and decide to buy 5s+ instead. At that point the price of 5s+ should already dropped and become much cheaper. Like I was looking at Note 4X since it first launch in February and now its already $40 cheaper in my country.

  • AnonD-656008

Just about to order my mi 5s plus which came out in October, do you guys think it's worth waiting a bit to get the mi 6 plus?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Mar 2017the imx-362 is the same sensor as in SAMSUNG S7 & S7 Ed... moreSamsung uses imx 260 and their own isocell sensors. Imx 362 is better and also has dual pixel functionality. Where did you hear that it's the same?

  • Anonymous

If this phone really has 4500 mah battery, then it would be huge hit for sure.

  • AnonD-448401

Joselius, 26 Mar 2017Since when xperia camera sensor made exclusive?i think he means that sony does not lets its new camera sensors that are used in their flagships be used by other oems for quite sometime. its only exclusive for few months then after every oem can use it but with this news xiaomi has already got hands on it and maybe s8 also cause s8 is also said to have that super slow motion but at 1000 fps instead of 960 fps.

  • AnonD-393912

AnonD-510098, 25 Mar 20171080P is better than QHD. 1080P gives better battery lif... moreAs long as you're not using it for VR and it's under 7",

You won't see that much of display difference, easier on battery, and faster for the SoC.

  • Anonymous

Is this text writer news heard for Mi5 plus!?
It seems like it....

  • Anonymous

AnonD-632176, 25 Mar 2017Mi6 will be great phone. ! Mark my word ! People are more i... moreHope it at least reach the camera quality as HTC 10 or g5.

  • AnonD-598916

Shampe, 26 Mar 2017I wish that mi6 must have a curved dispalyPlease no, curved displays in Xiaomi phones serve only to inflate the price and introduce visual abberations while bringing no added functionality to the table. Xiaomi should focus on providing best hardware for the price and keep out of price increasing gimmicks like curved displays. If they are looking for an added value, the effort is better spent on improving their camers (the potential is definitely there, but the execution is lacking), adding more international LTE bands and making the chassis sturdier (google JerryRigEverything's tests on Xiaomi phones)

ssbatman21, 25 Mar 2017Its highly unlikely. Sony always keeps its xperia's sensor... moreSince when xperia camera sensor made exclusive?

  • Shampe

I wish that mi6 must have a curved dispaly