Huawei P9/P9 Plus shipments hit 12 million milestone

27 March 2017
That's up 2 million from the 10 million figure the Chinese manufacturer announced back in December last year.

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  • JAU

Trollhammeren- done but to no avail. It said no update yet. I should have learned from my previous experience. P9+ will be my lasy huawei phone.

  • AnonD-643403

AnonD-656540, 27 Mar 2017I am using P9 Plus. I am from Pakistan n I always think th... moreYou said it bro.. western world is in a dilemma of Apple .... dual sim phone are rare options around here.

  • AnonD-463101

For those still missing there Nougat , go into HiCare, and look for Os early adopter and Voila ....

  • AnonD-656540

I am using P9 Plus.
I am from Pakistan n I always think that Pakistan is way behind in smartphone competition n software updates as well..
but now Pakistan is one of most growing markets..
I also got updates earlier..
very good Experience with Huawei...
P9 Plus is neck&neck to Galaxy s7..
but some features or function+hardwares r better on s7 like(Lcd+water resistant+gpu power+super fast camera+some gestures)on Huawei P9 Plus(Sound output on dual speakers is A great fun+force touch+design+flawless performance)..
Both devices are great..

  • ALV


  • d

JAU, 27 Mar 2017They shipped millions but i wonder how many got nougat upda... morefrom ph received nougat via ota on feb.

  • AnonD-527717

since my first huawei phone 3 years back i knew this company is no joke, they will conquer samsung and apple. and yes i was write. back than they were considered cheap Chinese company.

  • Anonymous

User in Malaysia, 27 Mar 2017no nougat for my P9 plus till nowjust buy p10 plus for nougat..

  • consumersmartphone

AnonD-505842, 27 Mar 201770-80% phones of 12 million actually sold in china!dont care much, as long as still profitable!

  • User in Malaysia

no nougat for my P9 plus till now

The competition is incredibly huge. Well done to Huawei

  • chester1267

they are already in top 3 unlike before they are behind lg and htc. so many good units from last year up to present. leica cam and the latest kirin nailed it plus their premium design from mid to hi end device. mate 9 and gr5 2017 performed better than expected. good job Huawei.

  • AnonD-505842

70-80% phones of 12 million actually sold in china!

  • JAU

They shipped millions but i wonder how many got nougat update. Been patiently waiting. JAU from phils here.