Microsoft Surface Book 2 reportedly not launching this spring

27 March 2017
A new report on the matter contradicts previous rumors.

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  • AnonD-214858

Mike, 28 Mar 2017I have a fealing the they are testing AMD APU's. Since lat... morewhere did you get that info? intel has some i7 model with iris 540 which deliver better graphic perfomance than nvidia 940m,

can amd build better 15watts cpu than i7 + iris 540? i dont think so

  • AnonD-214858

Simon, 29 Mar 2017To writer - they are not getting old at all. There's nothin... morenot true, in mobile kabylake is huge upgrade sometime 30%+ perfomance increase over skylake. just check i5 6200u vs i5 7200u or i7 6500u vs i7 7500u you will see what i mean.

  • Simon

To writer - they are not getting old at all. There's nothing on the market to replace them with, since Kaby Lake is a rebranded Skylake and any other upgrades they could make is just for IO which even Microsoft must feel like would be ripping people off. The SP4 is as good as it gets, the Surface book could just use a new GPU and a TB Port but that's all they could upgrade. That's not something that justifies an upgrade even for the most money grubbing manager. They will wait simply because of what is available on the market and what is coming up.

I'm sure it would be best for Microsoft to wait until fall for Ryzen APUs and Cannonlake and that's what they're most likely going to do. Especially if they go with Ryzen for the SP5 people would be excited about a major GPU upgrade and probably 4 fast cores in a mid range model as opposed to 2 in all which is the case with Intel.

  • Anonymous

So they know nothing about its release.

  • AnonD-569432

Too pricey

  • Mike

I have a fealing the they are testing AMD APU's.
Since latest Ryzen showed better performance/watt then Intel.

I reckon they'll keep detachable feature for sure, because CEO himself said that each Surface-line should create a new category.
Besides that leak came from iffy source

  • AnonD-506712

So it will be just like any other Laptop... Why does the new (low9 price range worries me about quality and innovation?