Samsung DeX brings sedentary desktop life to the mobile Galaxy S8

29 March 2017
The dock creates a desktop environment advanced enough to edit RAW photos in Adobe Lightroom with a keyboard and mouse.

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  • Ote

AnonD-221837, 03 Apr 2017Does anybody know if it works with a Galaxy S7 Edge??it's not work. it's work on s8 or above.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-88908, 08 Apr 2017I will translate your question: But, will it run CRYSI... moreBest question ever

  • AnonD-88908

I will translate your question:

But, will it run CRYSIS !!!???

  • davk

witwew, 31 Mar 2017will it open ".exe" apps? how about games.exe? Ofc. will NOT open .exe files. Is still android system. But now is more easy to browse Internet, use MS Office, watch movies or even play Android games which btw are almost so good as on PS3/ XBox360

  • AnonD-221837

Does anybody know if it works with a Galaxy S7 Edge??

  • witwew

Jologs, 31 Mar 2017Just install a Sentio App and it will turn your Smartphone ... morewill it open ".exe" apps? how about games.exe?

  • AnonD-632062

You can't deny that Samsung have certainly put some work into the DeX (atleast more than Microsoft on their Display Dock).

  • rich watarious

Wow, indeed I think the real King of PHONES has now entered the market. This is exactly what I want to see or use. I will surely have the S8, GREAT STAFF INDEED.

  • Jologs

Just install a Sentio App and it will turn your Smartphone into a desktop PC.

Samsung S8 is perfect for DeX. But if you have another phone like Galaxy Note 3, you may opt to try using Sentio app by Andromium Inc. Just use another device like MHL and or Chromecast and it will surely do the same as the DeX. :)

  • AnonD-655832

The problem with Microsoft is that they keep changing strategy. The new trend is running a full-featured Windows 10 ported to ARM with x86 and x86-64 emulation. Storage requeriments are 64GB, 4GB RAM, SD835 but should work with SD820. Then wel'll have a game changer... Until then we'll still need a proper PC to run PC things locally, be it the tiny - yet crippled - compute stick or something bigger but more capable.

AnonD-335881, 30 Mar 2017Basically this is a challenge to Elite X3 desk dock. Hopefu... moreDex will become full windows 10 on ARM soon.

I don't know if MS is really looking to be in the phone market but continue its desktop market.
If you think about it Android owns the majority of phone market and Windows the majority of desktop market, merging them into 1 device is the ultimate mobile device.

  • AnonD-335881

Basically this is a challenge to Elite X3 desk dock. Hopefully Samsung S8 DeX is more practically especially the numbers of software that can run using this DeX. Otherwise Microsoft will have to review Microsoft Continuum that currently has very limited softwares. However, the specs for Elite X3 hardware is excellent with compliance to Mil standard and dust & waterproof.

  • Anonymous

Mr. Electronics, 30 Mar 2017This is the only great advantage‚Äč over the LG g6Neither phones compare well to last year's (almost same specs, *but* better batt for S7, and removable batt for g5). Koreans droped the ball this year. Sony as well (but Sony always dissapointed so it's no surprise). Now we have to wait for the Americans (apple) and the Chinese (xiaomi, Huawei, oneplus and motorolla/lenovo). At least one of them (possibly more) would produce enough of an upgrade to be crowned king of 2017 (possibly apple with the anniversary model of theirs)

  • leo sk

I think its derived from remix os

This is the only great advantage‚Äč over the LG g6

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Mar 2017Andromium OS.. any android phone can use. No multiwindow support for any good apps . Fail

  • Anonymous

Andromium OS.. any android phone can use.

  • Anonymous

Marvin, 29 Mar 2017True, you can fit it in a much smaller location using a com... moreCompute sticks don't have a screen or battery or any input method.. It's useless on it's own.. This is a fully functional smartphone that gives you the option of transforming into a pseudo desktop to increase your productivity

  • Anonymous

AnonD-390711, 29 Mar 2017Will be expensive and nowhere near a desktop`s performance.... moreWell the cpu is better than that of many desktop pcs that still run core 2 duos and core 2 quads, even those running pentiums , celerons and core i3s. Have you seen how fast phones lately are? No reason they won't be as fast in the big screen...

  • Anonymous

will it work with 21:9 3440 x 1440?