LeEco teases Le Max 3 - to come with its own AI on April 11

06 April 2017
LeEco has sent out a teaser for its upcoming Le Max 3 sporting a robot, dual cameras and a date.

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franz.alex, 07 Apr 2017I just don't get why practically everyone wants to get on t... moreRise of the A.I. You cant avoid it. If I were LeEco I wont want Google Assistant to be used in my company. I rather make my own AI.

I just don't get why practically everyone wants to get on the personal assistant / AI development craze!

It's quite understandable if Google, Apple and Microsoft develop parallel competing products; they make the operating systems that runs about 90% of devices if not more. Amazon can also be given a laissez-passer since they make a niche product but other OEMs??
What are they thinking?

We just have to wait until the 'experimenters' run out of steam, leaving the two or three major players in the field. In the mean time, though, we just might have to brace for a flood of such products.

Can't wait to have AI like Jarvis on Stalk's suit.

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Joselius, 06 Apr 2017LeEco release a phone with AI, not many people care. Samsun... moreSamsung Bixby phones are globally available. LeeCo phones are not.

LeEco release a phone with AI, not many people care. Samsung released Bixby, everybody go nuts!!!

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LeBroke is on LeDebts


Good bye USA and India... also... Leeco is near on Bankrupt.

  • Anonymous

Maybe the Skynet is not Google. It's probably all these wannabe end up machine learning the wrong thing and get frustrated :P

  • AnonD-656673

Great! Another half-baked piece of software is coming

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Anonymous, 06 Apr 2017What's the point only exclusive for USA. I don't think LeEco's target market is US.

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Oh great, another AI. Cool image, though.

  • z8

Another personal assistant?? Damn.

  • Anonymous

Another great things turned into a gimmick. After VR , AI becomes an empty word with even worse iterations. Sad!

  • Anonymous

What's the point only exclusive for USA.