Facebook Messenger gets M assistant

06 April 2017
As the competition between apps and services intensifies, Facebook Messenger is branding its AI features into a package called M.

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  • AnonD-270353

Let's make simple things complicated

  • AnonD-632062

Another day, another so-called "AI".....
And sometime in the future, these "assistants" will be purged.......

  • Chenchen


Sick of all hose AIs. They are all junk and they are just crawling your data.

  • AnonD-569432

I already have Cortana on my PC , Siri on iPhone and it does all I ask to them, WE NEED A NORMAL & SIMPLE MESSENGER!! we don't need myday,react on conversation, m assistant and ball games, all we need is a simple, faster, basic, normal messenger