Microsoft has laid Windows Vista to rest

11 April 2017
Windows Vista will no longer be supported with security updated from Microsoft.

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  • 24 Sep 2021

i will never get any newer version of windows than windows 8.1 . thats final. those tech gurus and staf7 ( at microsoft headquaters are so rich you can smell the steanch of them in california - while mr/mrs nobody , workng for them ( or just any other greasy rich american in usa -t nothing for their jobs done )), so i no longer buy newer pcs than windows 8.1 ( unless they are seccond hand out of political choice not to do so ).
any future pc will either be bought seccond hand and use linux/ solaris or other option to get rid of any microsoft greed or other usa intrusions like by spying
just in case microsoft co op with nsa for the sake of us needs ) so i will take no chanses , despite russian and chinese hackers ant keep their hands and fingers crossed . ( i never could or would, despite being killed off by both usa, china, and russia for quite different reasons, that converge - they all want the power but don´`t want to pay or care for us, common people, they hit on us, and care ever less, brute force and the might of those like bill gates or putin would never care ever less ) as you know, they are digitally global supreme and just jank us of as if we would be a daily jerk off, as with novalniuy in russia or any other humane obstruction to them, money is all for them, and they xxxx about whatever happens to us our economy !!!
in future ill either run solaris, ubuntu or linux to get rid of microsoft and russian or chinese hackers as far possible, without having to finanisate microsoft or apple.
fxxk them all !!!!

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    • 05 Jun 2017

    AdamBoy64, 12 Apr 2017I feel like Windows Vista was the misunderstood OS. I'd pr... moreI agree Windows Vista is good OS with the proper hardware. When Vista first came out it was bad not because the OS is really bad but because very few hardware configurations can actually make it run smooth. Windows XP at that time can run smoothly for machines running at windows 2000 . At the time when Windows Vista came out most of us( home users) and business have hardware that was made during the windows 2000 era.. Hardware evolution was slow at that time because the high end hardware is the only one that can run Vista. Not everyone of us at that time had new hardware it was expensive at that time to upgrade. Now powerful hardware is at very reasonable prices that is why Windows 7 u to 10 had really little issues.

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      • L337
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      • 27 Apr 2017

      Vista was ahead of it's time. When people tried to run it on XP computers, the result was obviously bad because it looked much better, and it was released 6 years after. VIsta was so different, because it HAD to adress all the security problems that XP had, and that meant a complete redesign. 7 was basically Vista, some looks changed here and there, improved the compatibility, and that was it.
      By the time SP2/3 was out, all the bugs were fixed.

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        • PAF
        • 21 Apr 2017

        AnonD-5197, 12 Apr 2017Im 89.You're 89? That's okay. You've lived a full life.

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          • 7wx
          • 18 Apr 2017

          Windows 7 is to Vista what Windows 10 is to Windows 8 and what Windows XP probably was to Windows 2000.

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            • mohd5rose
            • fFA
            • 17 Apr 2017

            I miss windows xp... :(

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              • AnonD-469183
              • 6cb
              • 14 Apr 2017

              I use Vista until recently after I got the news. It's great, stable, I know there are better choice but it is enough. I play light games and do alot office stuff. I still wish Windows will give Vista users a free upgrade though.. :)

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                • Nevoet
                • LKM
                • 14 Apr 2017

                The first time I´ve used vista was awesome. From the start, honestly!. The system ran smooth and was really beautiful (at the time).
                Gaming was a huge improvement .

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                  • Linas
                  • QPU
                  • 13 Apr 2017

                  Funny enough I had great experience on Windows Vista. Used it since the beta version and it was way better for what I was doing at the time (PC gaming). Yes Vista was much more hardware hungry, but if you had good hardware it allowed to achieve better top-end performance. That is especially true about 64bit version. XP- 64bit was awful and I really had no other choice, but use Vista 64bit (I had 8GB of ram even back then). Generally, It was great looking and fairly well performing system if you had powerful PC. The most bad publicity came from pre-installed Vista on entry level laptops and netbooks - that was mistake.. same as W8 and 8.1 and even W10. That is how marketing works - millions of stupid consumers buys cheap netbooks which are simply not capable to do anything and then blames operating system on them- in fact they should blame manufacturers for manufacturing inferiour specification netbooks and laptops and putting latest OS on the which they cannot properly run. It is like downloading latest and greatest AAA game on old PC and then blaming the game for not being optimised on it or running smoothly - even when you don't even meet minimum requirements.

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                    • n5p
                    • 12 Apr 2017

                    I bought a laptop with Vista pre-installed back in 2007, no problems with the software running 1.8ghz dual core processor, 2GB RAM and a anal 128MB dedicated graphics card, in that regard, I had stopped using it in 2013 when I upgraded to a quad core i7 2.2ghz, 12GB RAM and 1GB dedicated graphics... now also bought a desktop with last year's gtx 1080 and 32GB RAM, not as portable but it runs everything without a sweat.

                      I had and still have my vista box.
                      Not very powerful but the OS had so many incorperated features which should always been in the base OS.
                      I liked vista, win 7 was a stripped down version which is good and all but not all apps and features stayed which was a hassle as a lot of my apps worked do well with every part of vista.

                      Now it sits in my mancave as a media box still woth vista and windows media centre. Watch tv through it and record programs..... still going strong.

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                        • 12 Apr 2017

                        windows 10 is quite good, once you disable all that crap that comes with it, luckily non-essential features were added so poorly, they can be easily removed/disabled, like cortana, or automatic updates, or telemetry and other user tracking, ads on lock screen, ads in startmenu, ads in explorer ... once you remove/disable all that it works very good.

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                          • PhabKing
                          • g3%
                          • 12 Apr 2017

                          My first OS. Loved it. Came with a Hp AiO. Fond memories.

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                            • AnonD-4254
                            • XNw
                            • 12 Apr 2017

                            I don't have a hands on... but I remember their ads. A couple of guys and ladies saying "Wow" was what was shown....
                            Now, I guess they were saying "Wow" as in, "Wow, what a failure"...

                            Even till date I didn't understand what made Microsoft focus so much on new OS'es in such small gaps...
                            Then 7, then 8, then Win 10. What's the hurry? Or were they so impatient to earn dollars from pushing ads?

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                              • w1nko
                              • Iax
                              • 12 Apr 2017

                              I think I tried Windows Vista back in the day and after the novelty of widgets wear off rather quickly went back to old trusty Win XP. Windows 7 did better but in the end switched to Linux and had no need for anything else... except at work where I'm forced to use Win10.

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                                • AnonD-237381
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                                • 12 Apr 2017

                                Anonymous, 12 Apr 2017Haha almost no body miss ME, vista, 8. I will miss xp n 7. I like Windows 8.1, it runs just fine on my ultrabook, on the other hand I just hate Windows 10, it doesn't​ run smooth on my laptop and there's plenty of bugs and incompatibility.

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                                  • k0l9
                                  • SiJ
                                  • 12 Apr 2017

                                  After PC Industry 'Disappointed' with Vista including me as victim I'll not give a single penny to microshit I'm pirating every new release and that's makes me happy

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                                    • 95U
                                    • 12 Apr 2017

                                    Anonymous, 12 Apr 2017Did you try a factory reset? I think this solves the most p... moreMy guy a microsoft os not the same as an apples os, you cannot just click 2 buttons and then it will reset it doesnt work like that.

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                                      • AnonD-552536
                                      • gM8
                                      • 12 Apr 2017

                                      the stupid bankers got XP, I hacked one atm and the day country(india) bankrupt , they call it demonatisetion

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • vgM
                                        • 12 Apr 2017

                                        Haha almost no body miss ME, vista, 8.
                                        I will miss xp n 7.