GSM-capable HTC EVO 3D goes official with specs and all

25 March, 2011
The global version of the next HTC's flagship - the EVO 3D - is now official along with its full specs. The 3D fever seems to be taken over HTC too and the EVO 3D packs a huge 3D S-LCD screen and it's capable...

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  • JustJohn

I am no "technophobe ", so can someone tell me, can the HTC EVO 3D be updated to run android 4 ( Icecream ) ??
If yes, how can I do this ?

  • AnonD-21483

can this phone run in 3G or only in 4G?

  • anurag

any latest updates on the launch of the phone in India???

  • Chetanr

When this is releasing in india..??? i hope i'll get GSM one..!!

  • Anonymous

jimm25t, 22 Apr 2011Why is it every member of the press, and uk networks have info a... moreUK release is July 11 by Vodaphone

  • Anonymous

reply message from HTC...

"Thank you for contacting HTC.

With reference to your query, EVO 3D may be launched in South East Asia in the later half of this year."

  • jimmy25t

Guess no one has any more info about this hand set then.....

  • jimm25t

Why is it every member of the press, and uk networks have info about this phone. why can't i just get a real answer from them!!!.
when is it out in the uk?, how much?, who's ganna have the phone?. so people of GSM can you help me???......

  • avnokia

im sure this phone will capture the market during its launch!!!!!!!!!!

  • metko

@MtrS you are wrong this beast has dualcore snapdragon with 1,2ghz speed

  • Fongy

I knew it...
This is taken from a hands-on preview...

"Unlike the videos pics are quite blurry and do not have the sense of high-end device shots. Here HTC needs to make some improvements."

There's no point in having a 3D feature when it takes bad pictures...

Sounds like a miss to me..


  • Fongy

It's definitely quite an interesting phone...
Firstly from the UK, we know it'll come eventually...
But speaking from experience - HTC have;
a) the worst cameras - I've had several, and although their specs are great, whether it's their sensors, etc. I don't know, but picture quality has always been terrible...
b) the worst rep. for upgrade software... Sense may be nice at first (I think it's a bit boring tbh) but it prevents quick software updates - it's why I moved away from them (I had an HTC Hero before changing to Galaxy S - Samsung providing 3 updates already and about to release Gingerbread... can't complain with that!)
So it remains to be seen just how good the camera(s) are...
On the fence with this one...
Either this or Galaxy S2...

  • Prophet

The Htc Evo is going to destroy the market apple have the brand name but htc make there handset usuable for more then 12 months thats y they release new handsets every year people have to realise that apples products are over priced pieces of fruits there latest and greatest i pad 2 has 2 not 1 but 2 VGA cameras which we we pay a wooping 500 pounds for. htc rule apple drools

  • Anonymous

Will AT&T sale this phone? their will never be a qwerty slider keyboard for a 4.3 inch screen they think it will be too big how wrong they are I would love a pro version of the evo 3d phone would leave my carrier for it ....HTC only

  • AnonD-4100

This device uses arm cortex a9 . There isn't arm cortex a8 dual core so it must be arm cortex a9.

  • qwerty nag-guy

If it had a side-sliding qwerty keyboard - it would be the perfect device!
and a xennon would make it even better.

  • EVO3D better than LG

This is better than LG Optimus 3D!
It has a better screen, and dual LED flash (instead of a single one).
There are other advantages too...

  • liquidmonkey

are people really excited about this having 3D????
please buy the 2D version instead of this ridiculous 3D gimmicky crap.

  • manfree

So many technologies that could be market hits but when something is uninspired it remains borrinig and that's what apple is taking advantage of, for one basic make money...and this is also something that the other brands copy except a few of them like asus and zte...I realy don't like htc's selfish uninpired way of making's like they are still making cheap copy phones but in high like when they entered the market but now these are expensive....

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Mar 2011One more spec to verify before I decide whether I can actually c... moreIt's A8.