ZTE Axon 7 is now just $329.99 unlocked

18 April 2017
It's a limited-time deal, however, so be quick if you're interested.

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  • AnonD-143211
  • Y2h
  • 20 Apr 2017

Got this phone when my Note 4's eMMC chip started to go (typical Samsung problem with all of their phones). Pretty happy with it, not quite jack-of-all-trades as Note 4 (no IR blaster, stylus, replaceable battery) but for the price and specs(SD820, Adreno 530, microSD slot, 2k WQHD AMOLED screen, stereo speakers, all the bands I needed for T-mobile(now has wifi calling in newest update as well)) it is really good value ($340 in January). Also very fast OS updates, compared to Samsung. Camera gotten a bit better with 7.1.1 but I would agree that it wouldn't hurt to get an improvement in that department. Ironically the sensor in the camera is Samsung made...

    Not available here in the UAE. This is a good alternative to the One Plus 3 which does not storage expansion

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      • AnonD-248589
      • Ibx
      • 19 Apr 2017

      Not as good as the $100 price drop on the other Chinese fauxships.

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        • 19 Apr 2017

        Not bad, not bad at all.

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          • fD7
          • 19 Apr 2017

          hurry buy this deal before it come down to 250 next month. lolxxxx

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            • 18 Apr 2017

            Axonite, 18 Apr 2017One big minus- The camera/video quality is very poor in thi... moreThe camera has poor performance only with low light. Else, Axon 7 has an excellent camera.

              AnonD-510098, 18 Apr 2017Axon 8 needs bigger battery, better camera and smaller bezelsYou almost said it all my friend, I absolutely agree with your 3 points.

                Great value for money flagship killer, excellent cost-to-performance phone, and now even better. But hopefully there will be an Axon 8 as well, with the SD835 and 6GB RAM, etc. And not just an Axon 7s with the SD821.

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                  • 18 Apr 2017

                  Axon 8 needs bigger battery, better camera and smaller bezels

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                    • 18 Apr 2017

                    One big minus- The camera/video quality is very poor in this phone.The 20MP camera does no justice to the shots taken by it. I also wish they increase the battery capacity in the upcoming model as it now supports Google Day dream VR. Talking about sound clarity and other features, This phone is a gem.

                      don't know why, ZTE is not releasing this phone in india..!!!