You can unlock the Sony Ericsson XPERIAs' bootloader this spring

29 March, 2011
Sony Ericsson has listened to the developers and will allow them to unlock the bootloader on the latest XPERIA smartphones - the Arc, Neo, Pro and Play. The process will be secure and legal and will...

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  • Nik


  • T-E-S-C-O

we are launching our xperia play tomorrow!!!!!!! get yours quick!

  • BlackIce169

Anonymous, 29 Mar 2011Why is sony mobile being so progressive? Their personal electro... moreYou relize your talking about 2 different companies Sony Ericcson and Sony Home Entertainment. Even knowing they share the same Buisness Name they are seen as two seperate companies in the eyes of Sony. Thats why its called the Sony Ericson Play not the Sony Playstation Phone.

  • katsikaki

nevertheless, i dont think i will ever consider SE phones again after the failed moed G900. i paid 450 euros for this phone and i had it to the service every second week and they just couldnt fix it (crashes, very slow,...). and dont say that it was just a faulty unit 'cause when i searched about it's problems on the web it turned out that everyone without exceptions had the same problem. shame on SE!

  • sayon

AnonD-3678, 30 Mar 2011OK SE, what about bootloader unlock for my Vivaz?sony never unlock the bootloader of vivaz...coz its a symbian phone...

  • Anonymous

A bootloader is a small program that loads an system into memory and transfers control to it.

  • AnonD-3678

OK SE, what about bootloader unlock for my Vivaz?

  • Worsty

That'll make me consider SE phones again in the future. As long as certain conditions are met and us users agree to abide by it, we should be able to unlock our bootloaders even at the risk of voiding our warranty.

  • Anonymous

newbie, 29 Mar 2011WTF is a bootloader?bootloader: 1allows android to use ios apps
2 The part of a boot above the instep

  • AnonD-740

SE is finally listening to its consumers, i was totally going to abandon SE after i got the x10 but since they are coming out with the gingerbread update for it. I'm a believer in SE. I purchased many SE phones in the past what I like about the x10 was that it was the only phone that i could update :D. I'm planning on getting the arc or hopefully a dual core SE phone :D

  • AnonD-252

I hope HTC. learn from SE!

  • jinga

from the very day Bert Nordberg sets his feet in SE i knew that positive changes were about to be unleached, this is just the begining, SE have not started!

  • Anonymous

Great move SE!!!
I think this adds great value and respect for users wish!
It seems my next phone will be the SE Arc!

  • AnonD-37

Great move by SE! They're finally listening to the hacking community. =D

  • b

good move by SE!

  • hellloooo

[deleted post]i agree

  • newbie

WTF is a bootloader?

  • manfree

will xperia play be ported by developers to desire z?

  • Anonymous

Why is sony mobile being so progressive? Their personal electronics department always used to tow the company line of keeping everything locked down and proprietary. However, they seem to be thinking forward, while Motorola are have taken Sony's place.

Elsewhere, sony is just as bad, especially with the PS3. It's the shining jewel of locking things down. Even worse than apple.

Do you guys not find the irony of the situation?

  • AnonD-474

I think its a bold move made by SE and a good news also for XDA developers and future beginners like me :)
but one thing they missing to add the old Xperia family specially X10i. i think Sony must look into it.