Microsoft to out cloud-based Windows 10 S and take on Chrome OS on the education market

22 April 2017
The US giant is expected to make the announcement at its upcoming May 2 event. Chromebook-grade hardware offers are also anticipated.

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[deleted post]That's the first thing I noticed :)) made my eyes bleed

  • AnonD-121494

This is I think a welcome development, MS moving to a cloud OS should hopefully see many more apps going to the (app)store, which would benefit other windows based devices, including their gaming consoles.

  • AnonD-39937

This will motivate Google to work harder on Chrome OS, maybe the Andromeda OS idea will be a thing this year.

  • AnonD-663972

Asus with the Eeebook X205TA, E200HA; Acer with its Cloudbook are already very good options to deal against Chromebook. All Microsoft needs is to develop it own device with specifications like those.

  • AnonD-655832

Something seems way off with these requirements. I've got a Win10 tablet with atom processor and 2GB RAM and it runs rather Nice, boots up real quickly.

  • AnonD-501105

How many times is MS going to try this? There is little chance as no UWP development.

Well one thing is for sure. Apple is about to get squashed in that sector. Also Win32 store only apps are on the horizon.

This will be a good option for children with it having ink support.

First up, it's Lenovo Yoga. Youga is more likely Android Y, with Frozen Yogurt and Nougat combined.

Then, Windows 10 S won't catch on because schools only choose Windows because of the Win32-based apps, not the 10 UWP apps available on the store. My school uses Windows 7 Pro (we just received new ones bundled with W10 Pro, but we downgraded (but that's not really a downgrade)) because of the convenient list of apps, Aero (the best UI ever made for Windows IMO), reliability and so much more. If Microsoft doesn't want to loose market, Windows 10 Pro should be available with software updates controlled by a center. Also, not support one version for only 18 months helps a lot. Also, make computers less expensive or make Windows more lightweight. Having DWM always on drains the battery and eats processing power of ULV computers. Damn, we still have some IBM Thinkpads on 7!

In conclusion, don't put Froyo with Nougat. It is a taste too... ''advanced'' for us.