Amazon's new Echo Look sees you, judges your outfits

26 April 2017
The mega-retailer's newest Alexa-infused device adds a camera to the package for the first time.

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Oh boy, here comes the future of fashion

  • Old Fart

I stopped giving a tinker's cuss about my "style" (Non-style more like) a looong time ago.

  • Anonymous

Can't people wear what "they" like now?

  • Gilda

We don't need this where I live (Malta). Everyone stares, comments between themselves and judges. You even get a free X ray, CAT scan and MRI included in the stares! Beat that Amazon!

  • AnonD-39937

I know that I dress well, Echo Look get out of my life! :P

  • Anonymous

And collects your pics and ur house's pics and uploads to chinese servers

  • AnonD-664474

"Judges your outfit"

Must be used for fashion contests then

  • AnonD-621510

Put it up at commercial clothing store. Helps customers style themselves.

  • Anonymous

Hmmmm no thanks. A constantly listening ear is bad enough, don't need to add a camera to it as well.

  • So7t

Full Big Brother...