Update fixing Galaxy S8 red tint issue arrives in Europe

29 April 2017
Weighing in at 426MB, the update is hitting Galaxy S8 units in the UK, and S8+ units in Germany.

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  • Csonte

Just got the update to my s8+ in Hungary two days ago. The only issue that I had was the reddish edge but only visible in high brightness. I use the photo mode and the first thing I saw was that the adaptive mode could be modified only. So changed the mode and fixed the edge colour balance then pressed the photo mode again just to see the difference but the edge correction was still on!! So just recalibrate the edge in adaptive mode then you can change between the other modes. Btw I love the phone and the screen is now perfect without any compromises.

  • Anonymous

Didn't get in UK on unlocked handset from Samsung directly.

  • alex.mitev

Guy, that does not fix anything. I have Galaxy S8 that is suffering from the red tint issue, especially around the edges. The first two days I ignored the problem, because it`s hard to believe I spent 800 EURO and got a faulty unit. Then waited for another day to receive the said update that fixed absolutely nothing! You are restrained to using only the Adaptive display mode, and cannot even warm it up, because it`s getting pink bleeding color as the warm scale goes up! Then the edges are still red/pinkish, when you use the dedicate edge calibration, they turn blue/green when you tilt the phone slightly. Checking the most popular Bulgarian forum, many users complaint about identical symptoms and issues. On the 5th day, I tried returning the phone at the point of purchase - a respectable Samsung partner - but a replacement was refused!!! I have to bring to the service center, get assessment, and only then possibly get a replacement. If only they offered to replace the screen and not opt for a whole unit exchange, I`d definitely sue Samsung.

  • FC

Never hit UK!!!

  • TheTruth

Paris, 30 Apr 2017My boyfriend and I bought Samsung S8+ at the same time. When I h... moreDamage control?

  • Anonymous

Paris, 30 Apr 2017My boyfriend and I bought Samsung S8+ at the same time. When I h... moreThanks for sharing. My s8+ is arriving soon and I was wondering if it has the issue will it be fixed in the update.

  • No matter

Fix the bloody S7 screen tint. Colours are way off doesnt matter which mode you select.

  • AnonD-525161

But does it work ???

  • Paris

My boyfriend and I bought Samsung S8+ at the same time. When I held both devices, I noticed his' was a little reddish compared to mine. I am aware of the issue and did not mention it to him since I saw that there will be an update. I have a very keen eye when it comes to color. When the update arrived the other day. I quickly fixed his phone and made the color same as mine. And it was great! Plus they added the EDGE color adjustments also because I noticed mine had a little red tint on the edges. Now WHITE is really WHITE.

  • wyrma

i thought it was a 'feature' sammy?

  • Anonymous

I have red around the screen edge if the update doesn't fix it Samsung are getting it back...

  • AnonD-627034

The laughs of the world came from the Samsung smartphone department. This is not the correct correction of the red tint. The problem is in the SOFTWARE made by "specialists (amateurs)", not in the phone settings. The clock ticks ...... the insolvency smartphone production department (only amateurs left there) is approaching fast.

  • Anonymous

No news on how the update fixed anything, anywhere online. Doesn't sound too good for Sammy

  • AnonD-548804

This update turns the pink screen issue to blue well done sammy

Polius, 29 Apr 2017Funny how people keep accusing it as hardware problem but never ... moreI ll tell ya, its not broken, its just bad.
Deep red pixel is too strong for those two weaker light and half green subpixels to control its color dispersion on certain parts of the screen, ie edges where screen is bent. So Sammy offers you extra rgb control of those bent areas.... meaning for the screen to be visualy color balanced, parts of screen have to be differently rgb balanced, meaning you wont have same white tones over entire screen anyhow.
And, you can kiss those photo, basic and cinema modes goodbye... as this fix works only in adaptive mode.

  • Anonymous

I tough that screen burn is amoled thing, not lcd

AnonD-246723, 29 Apr 2017Hmmmm a software update to fix hardware defect . Better wait ... moreFunny how people keep accusing it as hardware problem but never explain the science behind it. So, tell me, what is exactly broken. Yes, explain in detail just like how they explain the battery defect. Go ahead. Im waiting.

  • ZloiYuri

AnonD-190634, 29 Apr 2017I would just go with a g6.... :cTo get bootloop, burnouts on screen and no updates? You are brave man!

  • supm

I would rather to buy a well checked from the company and not fixes through updates

  • AnonD-190634

Anonymous, 29 Apr 2017Or go buy a second hand one right now with good screen before th... moreI would just go with a g6.... :c