HTC U 11 specs leak from retail box graphic

01 May 2017
The HTC U 11’s specs allegedly leak, including IP57 water-resistance and a 128GB+6GB model.

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  • AnonD-645188
  • bHV
  • 07 May 2017

I hope that ultrapixel 3 are 1.55 micron-sized
With that , a 1/2.3 sensor and f/1.7 it could be the cameraphone of the year

    AnonD-666467, 02 May 2017Isn't Snapdragon 835 quickcharge 4 compatible. Why does box... more
    It's some issue with Google trying to promote another type of quick charge tech vs. the Qualcomm QC one. The S8 and S8+ are only QC 2.0-compatible btw! lol

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      • Zamolxe
      • LaB
      • 04 May 2017

      HTC knows that this year is the hardest year on the smartphone market.There is so much to choose from,so many quality products,so many manufacturer's.But in time's like this when you really need all your strength and brilliance to succeed,to turn the table when no one expects.HTC needs more than a device,they need a war plan to back up this device,because a good device is not enough.Look at the HTC 10 or Sony products.

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        • AnonD-666664
        • ijp
        • 03 May 2017

        Did anyone noticed its Dual Nano Sim phone with 6GB Ram. Man I am really excited about Edge Sense this is some really new technology. I know htc won't disappoint as far its its quality is concerned. They are the best along with iphones. forget the rest

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          • Bitek
          • CSA
          • 03 May 2017

          I love HTC I appreciate your work and I hope you will win back the public very soon although the technology is advancing,but the 2nd advancement M8 was the best of your products which the public had admired.thanks for the introduction of metallic cover on smart phone which the world is enjoying now.I still own M8 since 2014 but still in perfect condition with battery up-to 5hrs,waiting for the new U 11.thanks.

            Stan, 02 May 2017While I agree on the laginess of older Samsungs, newer powe... moreI more or less can agree with you, but you forget also with 1/2.3"sensor, about ois, phone that use 1/2.3 sensor had trouble to incorporate ois, because the sensor is large enough on its own, adding ois will increase the overall size even more(example: htc u ultra) even an additional stacked layer on Sony motion eye had make a camera bump despite a dedicated place above the display for the camera
            Oled and other stuff is nice addition but not mandatory as htc lcd is no slouch either
            But manual setting is a must i guess, even better if they included manual video as well

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              • AnonD-658753
              • 0Vr
              • 02 May 2017

              No 3.5 = many people won't buy it
              I won't

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                • AnonD-666467
                • K6v
                • 02 May 2017

                Isn't Snapdragon 835 quickcharge 4 compatible. Why does box mentions 3.0 explicitly?

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                  • Stan
                  • RaX
                  • 02 May 2017

                  L0lip0p, 02 May 2017Abead of time het suffer lag Poor samsung, at least they c... moreWhile I agree on the laginess of older Samsungs, newer powerful hardware does wonders to an unoptimized touchwiz.
                  And as for camera - you're way off. S7 and S8 have almost the largest available sensors on the market - 1/2.5", bested only by HTC 10 and Google Pixel. But unlike Google Pixel, HTC is still struggling to tune the firmware for the camera, with the end result being "barely able to compete in it's class", while for Google the result it "The best in it's class"
                  So one thing that I really hope for, is an LG V20-like manual functionality, with a properly tuned firmware and selectable noise reduction in a jpeg algorithm. Raw would be a nice addition too, but not required. OIS is a must as well.
                  Addition of an OLED would have been awesome.
                  Last year's HTC 10 was almost a perfect device for me, the only problem being that it still had an LCD with a sub-par camera.
                  If HTC checks those to checkmarks this year, they'll have my $$$. And i'm willing to pay premium for their devices. (up to $900).
                  Having had an HTC One M7 a while back, i know that nothing compares to HTC in build quality and premium feel. As far as build quality and premium feel is concerned, HTC is the Apple of Android.

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                    • FnM
                    • MQV
                    • 02 May 2017

                    HTC...maybe HTC U11 "Compact" ? Same hardware but 4,7-5,0 screen and dimensions ~ 130x 65 x 9 mm ?!

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                      • jBu
                      • 02 May 2017

                      It's gonna be garbage just like every other HTC phone

                        AnonD-27765, 02 May 2017Did you even read the specs of HTC U 11? 5.5-inch QHD, 12MP... moreAbead of time het suffer lag
                        Poor samsung, at least they can learn from htc about optimisation and how to make a good speaker setup than a mono speaker, talking about mono speaker, isn't it a 2010 spec, why it still there i wonder? The camera? Same spec but lot larger sensor compared to tiny midget that in the samsung

                          Their is an army of old Samsung models in the stores, so so many look all the same. Average consumer gets lost on all the cook cutter clones. Its so boring. I walk right past. Not to mention ugly touch wiz. The latest S8 breaks from that which is good. So with this new HTC, I'm embracing it and look forward to knowing more on the new touch frame features. Looks stylish and with their legendary quality.

                            AnonD-27765, 02 May 2017Current Samsung flagships have AKG earphones and Gorilla Gl... moreThis is looking great from HTC. Personal I would never buy a phone with glass back. Glad this does not.

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                              • Arian Adler
                              • 81L
                              • 02 May 2017

                              Slow death one of best quality in android phones

                              Is unfortunate! But why?

                              1. People were ungrateful? Answer the question: No

                              2. You were not punctual? Answer the question: Yes

                              When you delete one of the most important characteristic in your phones (3.5mm Jack headphone) Then, what you expect? Annual sales more than 100 million unit?

                              To HTC! Can you adapt your situation with the situation today? Unfortunately.... No even with Snapdragon 1035!

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                                • AnonD-82756
                                • nF}
                                • 02 May 2017

                                I would of considered one of these but the size is just not for me I prefer a 5"

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                                  • Eosake
                                  • LaG
                                  • 02 May 2017

                                  Dual sim and no 3.5 mm headphone jack =NO NO for me.......
                                  Where is the old days htc that we used to love and remember?!??!??!??1

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                                    • Htc lover
                                    • KZK
                                    • 02 May 2017

                                    Very disappointed to the battery capacity

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                                      • Blunder
                                      • 9B@
                                      • 02 May 2017

                                      AnonymouseX, 02 May 2017Still, no one should skip the opportunity for a large batte... moreCorrect, but this also has a lot to do with software optimization , and we are yet to know the full endurance tests on the SD 835 . Regardless, there are more to consider than battery capacity. I am using the HTC 10 and the battery lasts from 10 in the morning until 2 or 3 in the evening . And when I do play games or use YouTube , I still get a almost 10 hrs of usage. With a high contrast.
                                      Point is, its not just about battery capacity. Same as a 500HP car can be slower than a 400HP car.
                                      But people today just chat/talk without even considering details or other aspects

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                                        • AnonD-507364
                                        • bJb
                                        • 02 May 2017

                                        Me, 02 May 2017Looks like company Htc have no bigger battery than 3000 mAh... moreThe same goes for Silly Samsung S8