How do you use your phone? Here comes the survey

06 April, 2011
Last week we told you about our plan to find out how you are using your phone. Well now we are delivering the survey that we promised and we are hoping that you will spare a few minutes and fill it in...

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  • AnonD-1082

[deleted post]So you think your privacy was compromised by this poll?

  • Victor Hugo

AnonD-977, 07 Apr 2011What's Skype for? Seeing as it's in the survey.Dear, Skype is for make calls and videocalls between users of skype, additional you can buy credits and make calls to worldwide with this software from your desktop or your mobile phone. Saludos from Bolivia.

  • AnonD-1227

You could have made the dots a little bigger. It needs sniper accuracy just to click.

  • AnonD-977

Bertrand, 06 Apr 2011you should add voip calls to this or your next surveyWhat's Skype for?

Seeing as it's in the survey.

  • AnonD-977

Mr Bluesman, 07 Apr 2011My old N82 still can do almost everything in the poll!!! So can mine, too bad it's been in a drawer for three years.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I'm fibe buddy. There's nothing wrong with me. What's wrong is this paradigm shift that's happening in the cellphone world. All of a sudden, Apple is raking all the profits while Android is coming up with all the newest and coolest stuff like 3D and slowly weakening Symbian along the way. Imo, Nokia can easily contain Apple since they only have one phone per year but Android is the real problem since it assaults all year long on multiple fronts. Symbian is holding but maybe not for long. I like Symbian but it's slowly and steadily losing ground. It makes me sad.

My old N82 still can do almost everything in the poll!!!

  • Anonymous

I see no love for us Caribbean folk

  • Rip

GSM Arena:
In the region area you omitted Central America...

  • farbror Frej

Whats the difference between taking photos and shooting photos?

  • Anonymous

you should ask us what type of phone we have

  • Anonymous

How many iphone 4 fans clicked on 'i would if i could' on the do you make phone calls

  • Some guy from Greece

About the survey, i'd like to say that there are things i can't do but i'm not interested either. It made sense to chose Never.
And another thing. Taking photos is not something i do every week (so it is Rarely) but those times that i do it is very important and a good camera is always at the top of my list before buy a phone.

  • AnonD-151

Thumbs up!!!Great poll!!!

  • Anonymous

Answering these questions makes me realise just how awesome Symbian really is.

  • AnonD-1082

They should have included a User Experience section and ask us about battery life frustrations. I'm sure a lot of Android users will tick "Daily". XD

  • Seabass978

Damm, my suggestions for this survey didn't make it. It was use phone for "making contact to extraterrestrial" and "answer machine for in-laws to tell you are not home so dont stop by".

  • WereW

AnonD-491, 06 Apr 2011YAY!!! My Suggestion was approved by GSMArena :-) I said remo... moreMy too. "Use as a USB flash drive" :)

  • AnonD-491

YAY!!! My Suggestion was approved by GSMArena :-)

I said remote control for all the appliances at my home and it was the last question in the poll :D

  • AnonD-1082

AnonD-2881, 06 Apr 2011yeah right ,hahahhahahaha,android,symbian and windows phone 7 rocks No. Only Symbian rocks! The rest are inadequate. They should have included a poll on what smartphone OS we use.