[EDIT] Android Wear 2.0 is rolling out to Huawei Watch

06 May 2017
Following months of delays from Google with Android Wear 2.0, one the best-looking Android Wear watches finally gets updated.

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  • Emil
  • 0Um
  • 16 May 2017

I got the update using the method presented here. Dotlr the first day, the battery life was a mess. I got scared so I gave it a factory reset. After that, everything is going well. Battery life is the same and performance is amazing. I feels just like a brand new snappy watch. Functionality feels enhanced and the keyboard is useful. Also I use the Google Assistant and I am glad it is on my wrist too. Another thing that has been improved is the security. When I got the watch off my wrist it did not always notice and ask for the security pattern. Now it does sense that and I am glad I can use a pin. Android Wear 2.0 is simply amazing.

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    • droid
    • jst
    • 10 May 2017

    After updating my Huawei watch to AW 2.0 i started having charging issues then i turned it off to reboot it back up, then i got the battery icon with an X in the middle , any suggestion on how i can fix this?

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      • AnonD-197278
      • L1w
      • 10 May 2017

      spectacular, 09 May 2017got the update using Bogdancable's method, though i had to ... moreI am not able to get the notifications on my watch after the update. Don't know why.... Any help?

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        • Ivga
        • 8Wa
        • 10 May 2017

        Received update in my MK smartwatch, I gotta tell it feels like shit.
        I used to have AW last version on my sony smartwatch3, it worked fine, plain fine.
        Now with this update, notification are a mess, theres no way to undo a notification, Whatsapp notificaction allows you to read a part of the original conversation, but only at the end you may answer. No more quick answers though!
        This feels more beautiful (visually speaking) but functionality has been lost at all, where can I present my feedback to google for this big screwed?

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          • spectacular
          • jst
          • 09 May 2017

          got the update using Bogdancable's method, though i had to keep tapping the screen until the watch had downloaded the update and restarted, after it had finished updating. I must say that it feels like a brand new device and i have fallen in love with it all over again absolutely amazing.

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            • AnonD-630765
            • n2J
            • 08 May 2017

            Got the update yesterday using the method below by tapping the green message so far working well faster more stable and battery consumption is normal

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              • AnonD-109447
              • uWC
              • 08 May 2017

              Got it few hours ago. so far no bugs and also smoother than before.

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                • Anonymous
                • HBF
                • 07 May 2017

                It worked.. How did you figure it out?

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                  • Rahul
                  • wgk
                  • 06 May 2017

                  Non beta users can get the AW 2.0 update as well. Keep tapping on green update screen until you get option to download AW 2.0.

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                    • Bogdancable
                    • ajV
                    • 06 May 2017

                    1. Turn bluetooth OFF on the phone
                    2. Turn Wi-Fi ON (on the phone and smartwatch)
                    3. Go to check for system updates
                    4. It will say that "UPDATES ARE UP TO DATE"
                    5. Tap repeteatedly on that message
                    6. After some taps it will say that updates are available and the updates will start downloading.

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                      • Carmanen
                      • iAx
                      • 06 May 2017

                      ...And to AW 1.5 users too... ...just updated from 1.5 to 2.0 without any developer previews installed before.

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                        • chehoo
                        • P@Y
                        • 06 May 2017

                        I will surely buy this watch one of my wishlist qgsoqsk5