Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 South Korea launch set for this week

10 May 2017
According to reports out of the country, the tech giant has confirmed that the launch will happen on May 11 (tomorrow).

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  • Paulo Manza
  • 7Xd
  • 10 May 2017

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 has been available in the Philippines for a while now. Saw it in a local tech blog

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    • dara
    • fDh
    • 10 May 2017

    32GB is too small for the price.

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      • AnonD-632062
      • J7S
      • 10 May 2017

      The Tab S3 is very enticing especially with the dearth of new flagship Android tablets.
      Hope we get a full review from GSMA.

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        • Anonymous
        • pYg
        • 10 May 2017

        seriously at this price who would buy this over an ipad?
        Phones are one thing but tablets are another.

          Well, as the demand for tablets is gradually decreasing always more and globally, it isn't so easy to make a great hit, even more if the price is pretty high. But let's see with this Samsung's flagship Tab S3, after the long time of waiting.

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            • AnonD-621510
            • tue
            • 10 May 2017

            Anonymous, 10 May 2017It will be disaster sales performance for Samsung with TaB ... moreOk. That no gold color option thing though, I cant say that a drawback. Gold color is so outdated anyway.

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              • AnonD-491575
              • UCB
              • 10 May 2017

              and more expensive than a new ipad. samsung keep shooting themselves in the foot. I'd consider getting one of these when the price significantly drops.

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                • Anonymous
                • 0Iw
                • 10 May 2017

                It will be disaster sales performance for Samsung with TaB S3.
                SAME DESIGN, more heavy, glass back = fingerprint prone, scratch, crack prone.
                much more expensive,
                no gold color option. front only black, which shows fingerprints even more...
                and still 32 GB ...
                = FAIL