ZTE Blade X Max announced with 6-inch display, Android 7.1.1 OS

12 May 2017
The device will be available in the US through Cricket Wireless starting May 12. It carries a price tag of $149.99.

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  • 07 Feb 2018


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    • 12 Aug 2017

    jimbob, 12 May 2017Looks like a warmed over ZTE ZMAX Pro from Metropcs that ha... moreyes exactly. I own the ZMax Pro. The more you use it the slower it gets, and the more apps installed the more buggy and slower it gets.
    This and all ZTE phones are not inded for heavy geek users.
    This is more for children and grand parents who dont use the phone much and need someone for communication and extremely simple tasks.
    We are in 2017 heading to 2018 and cell phone companies still dont have their crap together.
    We should already be using 256GB ROM as standard with no less than Snapdragon 820 and no less than 6 GB of RAM. for around $399.99
    We are so slow to evolve because companies are ONLY worried about the bottom dollar.
    ALL Companies moto is -
    Whats the most money we can get from the public and in return give them as very little as possible.
    I wqish companies would just give people a great phone for an affordable price and stop screwing around with the public.

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      • 13 May 2017

      For $150, that is a pretty good deal.

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        • 12 May 2017

        Looks like a warmed over ZTE ZMAX Pro from Metropcs that has many known problems. Meh, passing on this one.

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          • 12 May 2017

          Best satisfying

            Okay it's just a simple mid-ranger, and definitely nothing more. But having a 6" FHD display and Nougat 7.1.1 (OOTB), etc, for the price of just $149.99, well, i think it's a quite affordable good deal.