Weekly poll results: accessories matter

14 May 2017
If makers want to charge premium prices, they better offer premium bundles.

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  • AnonD-72356

AnonD-664474, 15 May 2017You replied too much. What I can say is, stop being too offende... moreThe thing is if you wanted to spend that much on a phone, you'd also be going to buy S8 everyone knows it's the best. But then people bash something they are not likely to have

  • anonymous

Fearghast, 15 May 2017I don't realy need anything other than phone to be in the box. ... moreagree with you bro. Don't know why people here don't want to buy their own 3rd parties accessories which usually are better quality/value and have wayy better choices. smh

I don't realy need anything other than phone to be in the box.
I appreciate fast charger, but i it's not my first phone, so i already have two of those.
I certaily don't need shitty headphones rasing cost of the phone even by a single $.
Cases or SD cards are the same story, i don't need them to be in the box, i just want them to be available via first or third party sellers + we all have personal preferences, i want my case to by blue, you just need silicon case etc.

So imho anything other than phone in the box is waste of space and money.

  • Anonymous

I had a N series device long ago. It came with lot of booklets, pc suite cd, headset with music controls, TV out cable, charger, Changeable back panels and memory card. Now some of the above things are obsolete(back panels, booklets, cd). But others are essential. If the device has otg provide an adapter, if it has memory card slot provide a memory card, if it has video out provide hdmi cable. Some OEM are even skipping headsets even though they require non 3.5mm headsets.
OEM should provide complete package. The above listed items will increase the cost by 20-40 dollars which is not much for a mid-range or above device. The customer is anyway going to invest in those accessories so why not bundle them.

  • Anonymous

Simon, 15 May 2017Props for including the counter argument. I can't believe only 4... more*not fine

  • Simon

Props for including the counter argument. I can't believe only 4% of people are fine with paying even more to have another charger and mediocre headphones included.

  • AnonD-664474

Provide us the accessories that we will use in daily life.
If you will offer a headset, make it worth the price (cough cough AKG Headphones). If you will offer a fast charger, better yet it charges my phone in under 2 hours (cough cough Adaptive Fast Charger). Adapters and converters are nice and are just necessary, 'TIL NOW - now that every phone's just starting to move to USB C.

  • AnonD-664474

AnonD-72356, 14 May 2017You said it yourself that you can't afford a $800 phone so why a... moreYou replied too much.
What I can say is, stop being too offended because I'm not a hater, but your statement of Galaxy S8 not being matched is an overstatement and not true at all, hence why I replied in that way.

Besides you simply can't justify everything that I've said, so with all your respect, please shut up unless you know what you're saying is truly practical.

Good day :-3

  • gobedh

Old flagship like Nokia N95 retail box is give muuchh "expensive" feel than nowday flagship like S8..

Lots of card, book, feature description, accessories, dll

  • dex

I would think OEM's no longer ship headphones with their handsets, from the looks of it. Might as well cause from my experience save for Apple..whose included headsets are pretty decent for being a free accessory..manufacturers generally include what appear to be cheap, low quality headphones with their devices that users generally ignore if they have a proper third party brand alternative on hand.

  • Kangal

They should have a box with the phone, a Glass screen protector and manual only.
And price something high-end like the Google Pixel XL at ~US$449, and keep the price consistent around countries. This makes lower costs, and it keeps unnecessary rubbish and recycling of accessories in check.

There should be a second box which actually attaches to the first box. It should just cost ~US$5. It should contain the USB-C cable, the fast-charger and earbuds (non-in ear). This caters to 99% of the population's needs, and they can buy more expensive in-ear earbuds that they prefer, unless they have it already. Also cases are a very personal and fashion item, allows people to buy what they want instead of forcing them.

Finally, a third box should be available. This one will include an External Charger, a Desktop cradle and VR Headset. This caters to the luxury segment, and could be priced anywhere from ~US$25 to ~US$95 , with consistent pricing globally.

This means "packs" can be sold for any phone. And manufacturers won't have to lose money on logistics and throwing out perfectly adequate accessories just because the phone itself was unpopular. It will allow them to make healthier profit margins, and give the option of choice to buyers.

  • AnonD-450518

I don't mind not getting any accessories in the box to keep cost down, but when manufacturers like Huawei, OPPO, Xiaomi & Vivo with their own different charging systems a standard fast charger & cable should be included. I would like to see the day when all chargers comply to one charging system standard, Qualcomm Quick Charge is the only system you can just buy a third party charger readily available. Better quality earphone can be bought from money saved, just give me the phone.

AnonD-190634, 14 May 2017More stuff in the box makes me veryyyy happy and feel awesome :)... moreI really agree. When you open a flgship phone box and its filled with documentation and gadgets, you feel really special, nerdy and cared for by the company, as it sometimes show they care and value you ( i soooooo remember the nokia phone boxes where the hamdset was a bit tiny , like the 6500 classic, but the box was full of gizmos, atleast more than what manufactures give us now, with half the box filled with foam and plastic, maybe to protect the phone but you dont need more to protect the charger or manual or headphones....)
But i am okay if it is for enviromental causes, and if it helps make phones cheaper....

  • Anonymous

Why don't you put the poll in your RSS feed, only the results?

I've got more than enough headphones thanks.

When every Damn manufacturer has a different fast charge, you've no option but to have a new charger included.

As we move to usb c, type 3.0 or higher, all our old cables are obsolete,so new ones are welcome.

My Huawei Mate 9 came with a screen protector fitted, and a case that I swapped for a better one. Had I known it was coming with that, I'd have foregone buying my own case till I saw how well the included one worked.

  • Bill

If they're going to charge me nearly $1,000 for owning a device, I expect the box to filled with useful, top quality accessories. If not, the Chinese are more than willing to give me the same specifications for often a third of that price...

  • AnonD-190634

More stuff in the box makes me veryyyy happy and feel awesome :) even if i pay for it. but I really don't need those!
so unless it's a really good headphone (which I rather pay less and chose my own!) I really don't need anything other than a good cable and a good charger!

AnonD-632062, 14 May 2017The last line of this article is the best! "If makers are kind enough to give you a headphone jack, naturally."

Hahaha. I didn't even notice this on my first read.

AnonD-72356, 14 May 2017You said it yourself that you can't afford a $800 phone so why a... moreI really hope you two and other commenters wouldn't reply to each other back and forth about this. I don't want to see another comment section filled with off-topics replies that have nothing to do with the article at all.

  • AnonD-632062

The last line of this article is the best!

  • AnonD-72356

Someone Else, 14 May 2017Out of topic, but other than smartphone manufacturers, laptop ma... moreYeah right, just charger isn't enough. There should be more useful accessories right in the box.