Microsoft is planning a mobile future as a cross-platform experience coordinator

13 May 2017
The US giant is now looking into ways to seamlessly integrate itself with Android and iOS devices and provide a unified user experience, with Windows at its core.

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AnonD-669148, 14 May 2017Windows 10 was said to already be able to use same kernel... on ... moreGoogle and Facebook lobbyists try to stop new online privacy protections.

These protections will not let them share your data and sell it as much. Microsoft is not fighting it.

There's also Google using without permission thousands of important patient data that should not be shared with anyone for it's DeepMind AI. These are medical records that are supposed to be sealed away from tech companies.

  • Chard

AnonD-669148, 14 May 2017Windows 10 was said to already be able to use same kernel... on ... moreReally? It's Google that spying on us and sell information to ads provider.

MS sells paid softwares whereas Google sells its software for "free".

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 May 2017Windows 10 S is coming out soon so it would be good OS for phone... moresimple things that android is doing

ZloiYuri, 14 May 2017I got Creators update. Did they fixed SMB bug when i have no acc... moreHonestly I haven't tried some of the things you speak of but others I don't experience. So as a last resort you can go to settings app > backup and recovery and do a reset of the PC. It will basically give you a clean install without actually doing a clean install yourself. But you will have to re-install all your apps again.

With all the various configurations and the amount of access w32 apps have to your pc that can mess things up, it's a tough problem for them. This is why they want to move away from W32. Too many messed pc's out there causing issues with updates, or anything really.

But if you have no problem using the other os's then that's fine. Just use what you want. Sometimes people have issues with the other OS's and move over. There is no OS that gives 100% satisfaction for all users. Someone out there will always have some problem.

  • Rana

Windows phn sucked and seems like finally they gave up on mobile business.....whatever they are going to introduce in market I'm never gonna buy their devices again its just total waste of money.

  • david

AnonD-655161, 14 May 2017Your hardware is shit. I never had problems with Windows 10Install MacOS on Non-Apple hardware and use it for 30days and then comment
MacOS is built for Apple hardware. and so, Apple doesnt have to worry about zillion other hardware issues on their OS.
Windows is build to ANY hardware and there WILL be issues and microsoft is doing just great in fixing those issues and releasing new features to.

You should understand the magnitude of issue and then comment sensibly
You are comparing a fish with a bird

  • Anonymous

Dudecool, 14 May 2017Will never go back to Microsoft... I have a Mac with Mac OS a... morePlease do not include Macs in here becuase as far as I am concerend Mac Hardware is a waste of Money you cannot upgrade you mac its just horrible If a Mac can run a GTX Titan GPU with the latest RYzen processors then you include yourself in this thread. Yes the OS has issues it is anl;y becuase thousands of hardware is using them each experience is dependednt on what hardware is being used At least windows offers the option of using your own configuration. But do not get me wrong I like the OSX ( as a Operating system) but how I wish Apple would allow your own preferred hardware configurations. Imagine OSX with a GTX Titan it will be amazing. So until then my friend Mac as a hardware or a purchase is inferior to Windows despite the many probems Windows may Mac users stop putting comments on Windows threads

fix ur windows first ...

  • AnonD-655161

Dudecool, 14 May 2017Will never go back to Microsoft... I have a Mac with Mac OS a... moreYour hardware is shit. I never had problems with Windows 10

  • ZloiYuri

krystian, 14 May 2017Here's the problem. You mentioned last year. Windows 10 was ru... moreI got Creators update. Did they fixed SMB bug when i have no access to files on my lan storage, even uploaded from the same pc&? No. Did they fixed old bug when sorting more than 100 pics by date takes a lot of time (16000 pics at one folder sorting by date more than FIVE minutes on i5/8gb/ssd pc!!!)? No, they didn't. Did they fixed network storage automount at system start? No they didn't. Did they fixed extra slow and buggy MTP (try to create and rename folder, explorer freezes)? No, they don't even want to hear about it. Why everything i wrote above perfectly works via my android devices? I can say - Microsoft is a quite bad company with no professional workers.

Anonymous, 14 May 2017Windows 10 is the worst Windows ever. Windows XP SP3 is the best... moreHere's the problem. You mentioned last year. Windows 10 was rushed in order to gain a larger market share over time while they fix things up. Honestly, creators update has come a long way and fixed a lot of issues. I too used to have odd issues with things like keyboard lag and other weird stuff. Everything is smooth now with creators update. As time progresses they continously patch bugs too as it's a system designed to make sure everyone is up to date. Windows 10 just got a bad rep for launching earlier than it should have.

  • AnonD-617820

Let's hope there is no Windows 10 replacement as it's already stable and the most good experienced Windows OS ever

  • q8peace

Markobarko, 14 May 2017Wow, Intel is gonna suffer aaaa lot.they also going to suffer because they never think about pc and laptop like they used to be they just make your pc look like tablet and even cheap stock looking

  • Sachmo

Microsoft will make all platforms play nice together.
Microsoft will be the one for this project since they have been so successful at it in the past (NOT)

  • AnonD-666047

Why this? Why not improve Windows 10 first? It's a mess! I still prefer Windows 7 on my laptops and pcs.

  • Dudecool

Will never go back to Microsoft...

I have a Mac with Mac OS and an Android phone.

Microsoft bring out windows 10 after all these years of development and they are still full of bugs, they freeze randomly.. garbage

  • Markobarko

Wow, Intel is gonna suffer aaaa lot.

  • ZloiYuri

As a man who used WindowsMobile/WindowsPhone/Windows mobile i can say - all of MS services are crap. They can do great apps, but cannot do usable services. Contacts damaging and losing on server side, calendar can move items day before or day after randomly, OneDrive is extremely slow, bing maps are bad, bing search good only for porn, etc etc etc. And worst of all - they don't care any bugs. They think they are the greatest anyway. Even Skype they transformed into somethind unusable. So thank you, Microsoft, use your crappy services yourself.

  • Anonymous

Note7 owner, 14 May 2017Windows 10 OS is crap, would never buy another PC again. Desktop... moreThe problem is not with the windows OS. The problem with your case is the FILTER between chair and PC.

  • AnonD-402029