Asus may give up on Zenwatch wearables because of low sales

15 May 2017
That's what a new report purportedly coming from "sources of Taiwan's supply chain" claims.

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  • AnonD-632062

Clearly, Asus didn't find Zen with their ZenWatch Series! :P

Carmanen , 16 May 2017I don't have any experiences with Apple Watches and those m... moreNothing in present wearable market can beat a classic watch, in looks/design category. Very few smartwatches look very close like a classic watch. Smartwatch is for functionality only, and if you prefer design over functionality, then for the price of a smartwatch you would be getting a far better looking watch that will last more than five/six generations of smartwatches easily.

  • Carmanen

RaghavaZ, 16 May 2017No matter how much support iOS gets in Android Wear 2.0, no... moreI don't have any experiences with Apple Watches and those might be great watches but i hate their design. In fact, only circular design watches like Huawei Watch, Moto 360 etc. are great looking watches, in my opinion. For me, design and looks means more than functionality in smartwatches.

AnonD-83364, 16 May 2017Apples watchOS is only compatible with iPhone's. So for A... moreNo matter how much support iOS gets in Android Wear 2.0, nothing beats the features one will get from an iWatch and iPhone combo. With Apple Watch Series 1's pricing is close enough to this Zenwatch 3, there is no point in buying a zenwatch from iPhone users perspective. And wearables market right now is a niche and a fashion statement. And no one else can beat Apple in this segment, which has been proved by the success of Apple Watch when compared to other smartwatches.

  • Carmanen

Android Wear is definitely NOT DEAD but rather going through hard times. Smartwatches will always have a niche market and only tech savvy consumers like me will be buying smartwatches. If Google thinks they can make smartwatches popular, they are so wrong. One thing HAVE to change and that's pricing: smartwatches are expensive! But i was lucky to get my original Huawei Watch just for 199 euros a couple of months ago but i think my local Telia operator shop was selling it cheap because of HW2. I also got Android Wear 2.0 for my HW1 which makes it so much better and i think Android Wear platform is still growing and not dead by any means. That's just my opinion.

  • Sad truth

Google make smart watches which function like smart phones.
Google users was thinking: WHY should i need a smart watch when i have my smart phone?
Those that own one think: WHY NO UPDATE just like a smartphone OS??
Thats why Android wear died.

Apple make smart watches which extends smart phones function.
Apple users was thinking: I used to be not able to do that.. NOW i can!!
Thats why Apple Watch sold millions..

Sad but true.

  • Anonymous

Next is their mobile department.... They might die faster than HTC.

  • Anonymous

android watch is not good. for smartwatch, tizen is better. the user interface in samsung smartwatch also better, especially the 'navigation ring'. it is very useful to control the ui in small device like a watch.

Bad sales due to the fact that smartwatches don't bring anything new to the game. And they're priced way more than some decent smartphones.

  • iComment

AnonD-83364, 16 May 2017Apples watchOS is only compatible with iPhone's. So for A... moreIt's not about support. It's about OS. IPhone users will not use Android smarteatch since Android wear is much worst than OS on apple watch.

  • AnonD-83364

AnonD-39937, 15 May 2017Android Wear is already dead because of the lazy Google...f... moreApples watchOS is only compatible with iPhone's. So for Android smartphones watchOS is not an option. Since Android Wear 2.0 has much better iOS support now. iPhone users can now easily install Android apps on an Android Wear watch that is paired to an iPhone.

  • AnonD-83364

They should have used non proprietary watch bands for the latest ZenWatch 3.

  • mailman

If google is not gonna improve android wear OS, then all smartwatches running android wear will be dead soon. That's why Samsung is using Tizen and can sell much more. I haven't seen android wear 2.0 update yet, maybe that's something special, but so far looks like Google just don't care about watches and not even helping manufacturers...

  • AnonD-655518

Never tried a smartwatch, have not worn a watch since 1997 and think they were invented to try something new and it has not taken off. Where I live I have never seen one on a wrist. the idea would taken off if actual smartphone on your wrist.

  • AnonD-39937

Android Wear is already dead because of the lazy Google...first Sony gave up after one of the most popular ones out there, Smartwatch 3, and now Asus gives up after Zenwatch 3...if Google won't put effort in this Wear thing and come up with something fabulous... the smartwatch market will be a "fight" between watchOS and Tizen OS