Google redesigns emoji (again) for Android O

18 May 2017
Introduces emoji support library for developers so apps can display latest emoji regardless of OS version.

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  • McKinley

The blobs from Lollipop are the cutest ones. Will be missed :'(

Anonymous, 19 May 2017Wtf hahaha. I hated the Android emoji too although my phone is u... moreYou gotta keep up with the trend somehow. Lol I use Snapchat and Instagram a lot so that's why

  • Graz

Great! I never liked the "blobs", the new ones are better :)

  • Anonymous

haha, 19 May 2017Haha. Yeah. How about this? 3==D-, and this //(.)(.)\\ lelFirst is good for women! Secondary not bad lol

  • AnonD-661036

Nooooo, like Lg ugly emojis..... I loved these emojis........

  • EMO jee

im lovin the mind blown emoji lol it's like pshaaaaawwwwwccccccccchhhhhhhhffffffff!!!!

  • AnonD-632062

Like, GSMA said the old Google emojis definitely had a unique look & appeal while the new ones are better for uniformity......

  • Anonymous

The problem with turning Emoji into rolling-eyes political cartoons is it gives an impression that Google thinks they can please 'progressives' at all. Progressive/regressive liberals are the hardest to satisfy at best and at worst are vapid witch hunters.

It was a mistake to complicate f*ckin' cartoon dots.

  • Anonymous

I stopped using emoji when Apple and Google forced a political narrative to appeal to the liberal scientists and social justice warriors (also known as fat hypocrites).

  • Gavilan355

Great! I love android but hate their emoji's . If anything Google should buy out Emoji One or atleast partner with them. I use Emoji ONE in my texting app (Textra) and in my opinion they have the best emoji design

  • haha

Anonymous, 18 May 2017Still these are best :) ;) :D :)) :P :-O :-/ :| :-* :-$ *};- ...Haha. Yeah. How about this? 3==D-, and this //(.)(.)\\ lel

  • Al

Anonymous, 19 May 2017They ruined the poop emoji............What ? ? ...Nooooo

  • Anonymous

mjrmagallanes, 19 May 2017This is one of my MAJOR considerations why I'm using iPhone in t... moreWtf hahaha. I hated the Android emoji too although my phone is using the standard looking ones but choosing a platform based on emoji is the first i've heard LOL

  • AnonD-238991

finally!!!!! most of these android emoji don't make sense at all

  • Anonymous

They ruined the poop emoji............

This is one of my MAJOR considerations why I'm using iPhone in the first place. Looks like I'm going back to Android (missing the Nexus line up tho)

AnonD-458877, 18 May 2017I don't mean to be an htc fanboy but,htc's emojis have a very mu... moreTrue!

  • Anonymous

Some of them looked like IOS emoji rip-offs,

  • Savor

Thank goodness. I hated those yellow gumdrops. At least when I use LG with SwiftKey, it doesn't show that. It is the more common and rounded happy faces.

What I like is the national flag emojis. I have my national flag next to my name on top of my LG V20. I would love to see a Michael Jordan Jumpman logo and also the Playboy bunny logo next...

  • Eske Rahn

A nice thing that they want to emphasize the informational part of the emojis, as many can look quite close on a high-dpi display, if the font size is small.

And GREAT if they keep the emojis yellow!!
The SMART thing would be if the emojis was SENT neutral, and each user could choose the LOCAL display skin hue as they prefer!!!

It is SO silly to walk the aPple path of making an emoji a racial statement. Sure people of the same hue can use that hue among themselves, but as soon as the communication gets interracial it could be misinterpreted. If a palish pink Caucasian send a black emoji with a big grin to someone, how can we be sure this is interpreted neutral friendly in the receiving end, and not as the old condescending stereotype send by a red-neck ??