Motorola Moto G5 Plus getting a new update

19 May 2017
The update improves audio in video capture, as well as features stability and data traffic related improvements.

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  • RAj

Android, 30 May 2017Got the update! System updates

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 May 2017No update making foolI have also not coming Oreo update why

  • Suren

I have received security update for 1st November 2017 today.

  • AnonD-693022

I have rooted and flashed Pure Nexus rom stable and gets updated about once a month. When Google sold Moto so did the updates go away. I did the same for my Moto G4 Plus and my Nexus 6 (N6 does still gets updates from Google for a few more months)

  • bobin17901

Still waiting.... Can't recommend buying this phone without the essential Android security updates.

  • Ashu

AnonD-673449, 31 May 2017Turbo charging not working after updateSame problem charger not working..

  • AnonD-677274

We here in the United States on the Verizon network have been waiting since the phone was released for an update to fix enhanced LTE calling. For us to use this phone with verizon we have to turn off enhanced LTE or we cannot understand the person calling us. We can't even get an answer if they are trying to fix this. We did get a fix for 911 calling but that's been it since then, nothing form Motorola.

  • AnonD-671215

AnonD-673449, 31 May 2017Turbo charging not working after updateIt is working perfectly after updates.

  • Anonymous

I got update but didn't see any changes in vedio recording

  • Aky

Is the turbo charging working as I have received the update but still not updated my phone.... is anyone having anymore issues?

  • Kaka

The model which is not sold..having its update when it selling..

  • AnonD-673449

Turbo charging not working after update

  • gnarl

i´m still NPN25.137-15

  • mario

what about nougat 7.1.1?

  • Ram

Update comes with google assistant finally :)

  • AnonD-673246

Received update now..

  • Vijai

Anonymous, 25 May 2017Any one received the update on g5+ yet?Yes, I got it

  • Android

Got the update!

  • Anonymous

yes we have got the updates

  • Anonymous

Yes received update today