New ZenFone Max update brings Asus Power Master app

24 May 2017
The app should help improve the phone's battery performance.

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asus zen max (zc550 kl) is one of the popular model in india. unfortunately no updation to nougat

  • AJ

HI please offer update for asus zenfone model ASUS_Z00AD it has anddroid 5

  • AnonD-672606

will this update fix the gps problem of this device?. it isnt clear whether this is hardware issue or sw issue?

  • AnonD-500556

How about an upgrade to Android N?

  • Please

Hey Asus,

Can u Make an Update for Zenfone (ZE500CL)
Bcause I cant root it, 5.0.1 Lollipop is not Rootable, I want an Update so i Can root my phone.

  • Anonymous

does it fix the audio problems when calling? the audio is very low even if its at full volume :( that's why I went back to Lollipop and also, the burst shot of the camera, does not work on 13MP any more unlike on the lollipop.


  • AnonD-664474

tonez210, 24 May 2017Asus is like the God of bloatware! No matter how well they ... moreSorry to contradict your statement but I'm using a Zenfone Max for writing this comment and I've been using this phone for nearly 1 year already and I haven't had any major performance issue until now.
I'm not saying that this phone can handle anything, but anything basic that I throw at it will be easily handled very well.

I only disabled some bloats on my phone and everything just flies until now. So please use a product before you say anything bad against it.

Asus is like the God of bloatware! No matter how well they spec up their phone, after a few month, it will lag or crash. I still wonder what are they doing with their zen ui which incredibly suck, but at least it's better than samsung ui. 2 worst ui that will make a phone lag after a period of time!

  • Anonymous

Do you know if it fixes the GPS issues?

Master blaster...

  • Britney Spears

More Bloatware 🤐 Asus please