ASUS announces ZenFone Live in India

24 May 2017
Includes system-wide beauty filters that work during live streams and an enhanced front camera.

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  • good bye Asus

adopting hybrid idea was one of the stupidest idea of all time made by Asus brand, lost many indian customer due to this.

  • Anonymous

RIP ASUS you won't be missed.... DOA!!!

  • krishk

We have SD435 phone for just 6999. Go home ASUS..

  • piku

Sorry ASUS but you suck

I'm not racist but I think asus trying to suck up money from Indian, as they can't do that in China because there are xiaomi that offer better price and spec!

  • AnonD-368020

No. It's a 2 year old phone. They just forgot to launch it.

  • AnonD-199006

Seriously ASUS ? Snapdragon 410 and Adreno 306 GPU ? That's 2 year old technology. Xiaomi Redmi 4 is more cheaper and providing much better specs. Disappointed.!

AnonD-632062, 24 May 2017Snapdragon 410 in 2017?!Haha yeah, it is quite mediocre.

Well, it is quite good, for the price and for all those who are selfies lovers/fans.

  • AnonD-632062

Snapdragon 410 in 2017?!

  • Anonymous

Asus must be crazy for that price tag in 2017

SD410? What?!? Minimum a SD430!

  • Sohail

How come Xiaomi fits 4100 mAh in such an adjustable body while other OEMs are just digging their own grave in battery compartment.

  • AnonD-236748

A budget phone for 2015.

Two years too late Asus.