Asus silently launches the ZenPad 3S 8.0

30 May 2017
The tablet is an upgrade over the ZenPad 3 8.0 Z581KL with more storage and slightly faster chipset.

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  • Anonymous
  • gP2
  • 07 Jun 2017

Any indication that the 3s 8 will support the Zen Stylus?

    Buy the now-cheap Galaxy Tab S2 instead. Same specs + bigger and better screen.

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      • AnonD-368020
      • XQh
      • 30 May 2017

      Actually Asus launched it loudly but as usual no one heard it. Since Asus decided it's a premium cellphone company people stopped giving any shift...

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        • eleven11
        • MnQ
        • 30 May 2017

        Asus decided to use the outdated Snapdragon 652 chipset on their freshly new device in the middle of 2017. What a Shame!

          Slightly better at least. And Yes definitely, nowadays it "depending on how you look at it."